Fox's Prison Break

This is the third season of Fox’s show Prison Break. I can remember in the first season a few Catholic references: a priest, crucifix and I think maybe a rosary was pictured.

On tonight’s show, inside the prison in Panama, painted on a wall, was an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Immaculate Heart. Then, a little later on, the Hispanic character hung a crucifix necklace on a payphone.

Its nice to see some Catholic imagery in a mainstream show.

I can’t believe they got three seasons out of this concept. They almost lost me last season but my husband still likes it so we’re starting up this season. Let’s see if it can keep my interest. Sure is rough going so far.

Have you seen “The Last Meal” video clip from Fox’s PB website video section yet? Blew us away! It’s a short interview with the actor who plays Belok and the one who plays “T-bag”. It really made us appreciate their acting abilities and it’s their performances which keep us coming back to the show.

Yea, in the first season, we saw that Scofield had a tatoo of a rosary, and under one of the beads he hid the pill that got link sick, which delayed his execution. And in season 2 there was a nice confession scene.

I forgot about the confession scene.

Did you watch tonight’s episode? I think I saw Christ painted on the prison wall.

I love Prison Break i just saw it few minutes ago

ahhhh, i missed tonights episode, I forgot it was on. I think FOX puts the recent episode on its site so you can watch if you missed it.

Kinda related point…

I grew up mere blocks from the actual “Fox River State Penitentiary” (in reality, the Joliet Correctional Center in Joliet, Illinois), where much of the first couple of seasons of the TV series was filmed… the opening scenes of the Belushi/Akroyd classic, The Blues Brothers, were filmed there as well.

Back in the late 50’s/early 60’s, when I was but a young sprat, the Collins Street Prison, as the “locals” still refer to it today, was a minimum security facility, housing “trustees” who were regularly allowed outside the walls to tend to road work or work in the quarry that adjoins the facility. Me and my cousin would regularly ride our bikes past these trustee inmates, often times striking up friendly conversations with a few of them (that is, until the prison guards would run us off!).

Confession time: On more than one occasion I recall us treating some of the friendlier inmates to Hershey Bars … and I even recall raiding Dad’s refrigerator and smuggling a couple of cans of… ummm… shall we say “amber nectar” to some mighty appreciative trustees with patrched throats! Hey, the statute of limitations on smuggling contraband has to have expired by now, right?? :whistle:

Back then, part of the prison was also used as the State of Illinois Inmate Processing Center, the first stop for the really bad guys, prior to their being transferred to Stateville, the maximum security facility about ten miles away. I recall standing right alongside the main doors as Richard Speck (you youngsters can google him, if you dare) was brought in… catching a glimpse of his cold eyes as they ushered him past me, standing mere feet away, still gives me shivers to this day…

By the way…

If any of you fans of the show ever play around on “Google Earth” or such sites, you can just type in “Collins St. & Woodruff Rd., Joliet, IL” and you’ll be taken to a great areial view of the “real” *Fox River State Penitentiary. *

Ironically, the river that you’ll see immediately to the west of the prison in the aerial view is actually the DesPlaines River, not the Fox River (which is about 20 miles away… go figure)! :shrug:

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