Fr. Barron - I need help figuring this out?

I have this Facebook friend named Catholic Church and a few moments ago I watch a video with Fr. Barron. After the video a bunch of others that he made came up and this Fr. Barron had a video title “Coropai exposed”. Fr. Barron went on and on about Fr. Corapai being a heretic. When the video finished I clicked on our Pope Benedict and the screen showed a picture of Pope Benedict which turned into the devil! I was mortified!!! Please help me with this!

Anyone can open a FB account with any sort of name they’d like. Obviously “Catholic Church” is a nut. Delete them, and in the future, DO NOT become FB friends with anyone you do not personally know.

It’s not the FB page Catholic Church, im friends with them as well and it’s always been good solid things on the page. when you click on a video like one of father barrons, it takes you to YouTube to watch the video. what you saw after is the sugestions that Youtube gave you. There is alot of Anti-Catholic things that pop up on YouTube and you have to remember that the suggestions may or may not have anything to do with the actual video. I would check out Father Barrons website at all his videos are on there and free of YouTube interference.




Let me give you the url so you can judge for yourself! I have been having them as a friend for a while now.

OK, thanks GunnerQuick…I was mortified and feeling lousey!


I’m friends with Catholic Church on Face Book, too, and I just went through the steps that you probably took. ***GunnerQuick ***is correct. After the Fr Barron video, you clicked on the Father Corapi Exposed video, which is NOT Fr Barron’s, and then another “suggestion” of You Tube’s.

However, You Tube has a lot of great Catholic videos-- just don’t read the comments below them because anything Catholic seems to attract the nutters. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have this fb page and use it often - the problem is when the page takes you to utube. The “suggestions” are just related videos - some of which have been tampered with and reposted or uploaded by other people. Just be sure to check that the video is from Fr. Barrons website and you should be OK.

Boy, are you right about that!

I was a little … surprised! There’s posts on my news feed from Fr.Barron and the Catholicism Project all the time. I in fact quite like them. And then was doubly happy to see that the local university here is showing the series through the month of January. Oh Youtube! Your suggestions are never really helpful at all.

It’s not Father Barron that’s the problem, it’s youtube’s suggestions on what to watch next. The video you desribed (both regarding Fr. Corapi and Pope Benedict) probably had similar tags or keywords that youtube automatically connected together.

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