Fr. Barron on Thomas Aquinas and the Eucharist

The Eucharist was, for Aquinas, much more than merely a topic of academic interest; it was the center of his spiritual life. Thomas would typically celebrate Mass every day and would then assist at another Mass immediately afterward…One of the most mysterious events in Aquinas’s life centered around the Eucharist. After he had completed his lengthy treatment of the Eucharist in the Summa theologiae, Thomas, still unsure whether he had spoken correctly or even adequately of the sacrament, placed the text at the foot of the crucifix and commenced to pray. According to the well-known legend, a voice came from the cross, “You have written well concerning the sacrament of my body. What would you have as a reward?” To which Aquinas responded,* Nil nisi *to (nothing but you).

Several years back Fr. Barron wrote a great little book on Thomas Aquinas, here he relates Aquinas’ teachings on the Eucharist. A wonderful little reading selection. Hope you like it. Don’t miss the book, either. Eleven bucks, how can you go wrong?


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