Fr. Barron video commentary on The Hunger Games

Awesome video commentary by Fr. Barron:

Hunger Games

Indeed. Fr. Barron hit the nail on the head so to say. He rocks.:slight_smile:

Awesome video by Fr. Barron, many thanks for posting it, 1ke.


Having seen the movie, and having read the World News section here at CAF … here’s the lens I watched the movie from:

A president in the nation’s capitol is imposing a mandate straight out of the culture of death on freedom-loving citizens. There is no way to get around the mandate simply by saying it goes against your conscience, and the mandate is backed up by law enforcement. What would you do if you personally were thrust into an arena where all eyes were on you and you were faced with decisions regarding how to handle this situation? Do you comply with the system and look out for “number one/me, myself and I” hoping somehow you can exist that way? Or do you buck the system by doing your best to help those who are similarly oppressed, even if it means personal risk to yourself?

Thanks for the reminder. I saw posted on my newsfeed and meant to go back to it but forgot.

Thank you for notifying me. :slight_smile:

To quote Stan Laurel: ‘HE CERTAINLY DOES’!

Father Barron ‘rocks’, indeed! :smiley:

Thanks for posting this video! I like Father Barron, and having read the trilogy and just watched the movie, I’m eager to hear what he has to say about it. Watching it now…


Thanks for posting this link. :slight_smile:

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