Fr Barron - "We may reasonably hope that all people will be saved."

I like Fr. Barron a lot, but I was quite taken aback by this opinion of his. It sounds so contradictory to some of the scripture verses like Matthew 25:41 and others.

What are your thoughts on this?

What did he say wrong?

The “reasonably” part. I don’t think we can reasonably hope that all people will be saved because scripture indicates some people will go to hell and also some of the Marian apparitions indicate that.

I take the same position. I pray and hope that all will be saved. I think it’s quite reasonable.

Doesn’t God pull back from his wrath repeatedly throughout Scripture?

I believe that St Paul also says this. He hopes that all men be saved. It is the Will of God that all men be saved. Will they? probably not. but it is what we hope for. Just because we hope doesnt mean they all going to be saved. This reminds of Jesus saying: for the salvation of many. Notice He didnt say for all.

Yes, when we repent and turn away from offenses against God. But do you see many dying without repentance?

people who say there is no eternal damnation are often very holy,religious people.Is’nt it a good thought that nobody is going to Hell?Might not it be easier love your neighbor and all people if you knew they were not going to Hell?It might be beneficial for people to believe this and it might be ok to believe(afterall I know I’m not doing or going to do anything which will put me in Hell)but the Church can’t take this stand.It may be influential in non christians to believe this .They may have this ingrained believe that God is authoritarian and demand to much.If they can picture God in a different light that He is all loving and infinitely merciful they may be able to come to accept God and put in an effort to know Him.

I don’t see anything wrong with “reasonably hoping” all will be saved. I hope the same for my loved ones and pray for their conversions. However, Jesus himself did say that few will be saved. We all have free will - to choose Heaven or Hell.

We can reasonably hope that all people will be saved because God gives us that hope in [bibledrb]1 Timothy 2:3-4[/bibledrb]

I think only God is capable of “seeing” that. I pray that no one die without repentence.

I think that reasonable hope is different from reasonable belief. I see, as other people have already posted, a justification to have a reasonable hope (probability) but I do not see a justification to have reasonable faith (certainty) that all people will be saved.

As the saying goes, “hope for the best.”
I see nothing wrong in hoping that all men be saved. That is what God wants, we should want it as well. The reality may not reflect it, but in hoping for it we may act accordingly and help others and ourselves through living Christian lives to be saved.

As Catholics, we are the people of hope, and we do hope and pray for the salvation of all people. Our Lord is infinitely merciful, so we may reasonably hope. I find nothing out of order with Father Barron’s message.

I like Fr Barron also.

I think it is good and holy to hope all people will be saved. Especially given the following statement from St Paul

1 Tim 2:4 God’s desire is for all to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth.

And God certainly DID show His desire for that to happen in Jesus.


does that translate into all WILL be saved? That’s universlaism which is condemned.

While Fr Barron mentions various Protestants who teach universalism, and its attractiveness, he doesn’t agree with them. If Jesus, the one who saves us, believed in universalism, He would have taught it, or the apostles would have taught it. Jesus knew in advance what He was here to do. And Jesus taught hell is a reality.

Regarding Fr Barron’s referencing hell being locked from the inside, a C.S. Lewis analogy, I don’t buy that analogy even though I like C.S. Lewis as well. If people choose to go to hell and remain in hell, there would be no need for God’s judgement at all in the first place. And It contradicts scripture. Mt 25:31-46 (sheep and goats) would be total nonsense. The goats didn’t choose to be sent to the fire. They didn’t choose to be seperated from the sheep. The goats were seperated by God, and sent to the fire by God. The goats even resisted the judgement. They actually seemed suprised about the judgement. Therefore, that analogy by Lewis IMO, is nonsense.

Maybe he means: All currently physically alive.

It seems to me that Padre Pio and Sr Faustina both saw many souls in Hell.

Maybe even the children at Fatima saw them.


I am a big fan of what Father Barron is doing with his Word on Fire ministry and pray that his message keeps getting out. Regarding this particular topic, I fail to see the issue. “We can reasonably hope…” is far from a definitive statement. What are we to do if not have hope in our salvation and that of others?

I think you missed the “hope” part.

To love is to wish the best for everyone. We are called to love and therefore we should hope that everyone is somehow saved…It would not be loving to hope for anyone to be condemned.

That said, we need to understand that if you fail to love, you will be condemned. So we hope for universal salvation but we must act with the understanding that while God is merciful, he is also just. I believe that one of Satan’s primary lies is that hell doesn’t exist so as to fool people into thinking their actions don’t matter.

“That all Christians are to be saved.”

[Condemned in the letter “Cum sicut,” Nov. 14, 1459]

Pope Pius II [Denzinger - Sources of Catholic Dogma]

Fr. Barron should read more of the scriptures, Popes, and saints on the matter.

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