Fr Benedict Groeschel and baptism

Years ago I remember hearing Father Benedict Groeschel on the radio talking about the sacraments. He told 2 wonderful stories about Baptism. One involved an Irish bishop who suddenly learned he wasn’t Christian. The other story was about 2 condemned Romans about to be thrown to the lions. Is there anyone out there familiar with his talks on the sacraments who knows where they are available in any form? Thanks.


I love father Groschel, I’d follow him to the gates of hell. The way he was treated at the end of long, faithful service was very sad.

If you are interested in his lectures and homilies, the only way to get them, since EWTN saw fit to delete all his material from their library, is through

Some of his sermons are also available on YouTube, though be warned you will have to sift through a lot of tirades against him.

Thank you for the information. The EWTN library was the first placed I looked. I could not believe they deleted his talks. Very sad. I will try the website you listed.

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