Fr Bill Casey's Powerful Talk on "Lukewarm Catholicism" and How It Relates to the Priestly Scandals


Patrick Madrid shared Fr Bill Casey’s impassioned talk on “Lukewarm Catholicism” this morning on his show on Relevant Radio. He strongly encouraged everyone to listen to it.
Fr Casey’s talk, recorded 16 years ago, is quite prophetic and speaks to this terrible scandal that was published yesterday about the PA priests.

I’d encourage anyone who’d like to hear a balanced discussion of the scandal, tune in to Patrick’s show that was on today, August 14th. If you get the Relevant Radio app, they have all the shows there under the “Shows (on demand)” tab or on their website. Usually new radio shows are listed within a few hours.

While we are not personally responsible for the sins of these priests, we are all responsible to be praying for the situation, and to be careful that we ourselves are not living “lukewarm lives.” I pray that Catholics across this nation will not abandon the Church in her hour of need, but turn back to her even more strongly and help build her up in a healthy way.

Here’s the link to Fr Casey’s talk:

And the link to the RR show:
Relevant Radio’s Patrick Madrid Show


I heard most of that show.I would likewise recommend it.

We live in interesting times, as the saying goes.

Christ was, is, and will be with us.



Yes, this is the truth we can cling to this weekend and in the future as we grieve over these scandals.

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