Fr Bob Albright and Rabbi Basik...........?

does anyone know who father Albright is?
the rabbi on this enterview says that the Church has changed and no longer teaches that she the only one Church in which one is to be saved. Fr. Albright pretty much agrees with him.

it is an interesting interview from the ecumenics. the rabbi says this right in the middle of hte bar. if you want you can forward just about the middle of the bar in the conversation.

Bob Albright is the former Campus Minister at Towson University, just north of Baltimore, MD. He is the author of several books, all titled “Spiritual Reading for the ________ Christian”, where the blank is “Average”, “Active”, “Biblical”, “Ecumenical”, “Celebrating”, “Contemplative”, and “Liturgical”. All are available at Amazon, though you would need to search for the title or on “Robert E. Albright”

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