Fr. Cantalamessa on Marriage and family


A lengthy address by Fr. Cantalamessa on Marriage and family. The first part, as related in the Old Testament, focuses on God’s initial plan for marriage and family and how it came about through the history of Israel. Read it a piece at a time…

The second is the renewal of the plan through Christ in the New Testament. The last applies this biblical revelation to the problems of today. The Biblical context is very different from today’s culture which is awash with broken or dysfunctional families. Placing ourselves in relation to the Biblical context may become an occasion for healing or at least a way to contemplate what we may NOT be.

Anyways a summary of Fr. Cantalamessa’s wonderful survey of Old and New Testaments on the topic of Marriage and Family:

Fr. Cantalamessa is the homilist to the Vatican and author of numerous works on Catholic Spirituality. Go to Amazon dot com and read through the reviews of his books till you find one you want to read. A can’t miss way to deepen your faith. My favorite was Life In Christ, his scriptural exegesis on the Apostle’s Letter to the Romans. It was like I had never read Romans before, simply amazing.

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