Fr. Cantalamessa on Marriage in Heaven


Father Cantalamessa on Marriage in Heaven

Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday’s Gospel

ROME, NOV. 10, 2006 ( Here is a translation of a commentary by the Pontifical Household preacher, Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, on the readings from this Sunday’s liturgy.


It’s an interesting article, I’m not sure I agree with it all, though.

I wonder what Fr. Cantalamessa would say about those of us lay singles who never got married in this life. Are we still out of luck in heaven? I noticed he dodged that one!


I don’t see what you mean about being “out of luck in heaven”. Ceratinly in heaven you won’t find your former spouse, if you never had one. But by implication, you will still bound in some sense to those to whom you were close, whether they are parents, siblings, teachers, friends, etc. These relationships will be purified and transformed.

This seems to be to be an application of the communion of the saints.


He didn’t dodge anything. Maybe you should read it again.


That…is so COOL!!! To be honest I always assumed heaven was just you and God - there would be other people there but all your attention would be on God - but continuely married in Heaven - thats so cool :thumbsup: I’m glad I was wrong


He never said continually married. He said, “That which was truly love and self-surrender between each of the husbands or wives, being objectively a good coming from God, will not be dissolved.” There is a difference. The other makes noises such as the LDS false doctrine of marriage for all time and eternity.


Yeah - I thought there was no interaction between other persons while in heaven - it was just you and God - even though everyone is there. Of course it won’t be the same kinda marriage as here on earth because theres no need for it in Heaven


I’ve always been taught, though I don’t know how accurately, that those things which came from God,and those people from God, in your life, coming from God, will be there or on their way in Heaven.


There’s no reason to believe that we won’t interact in heaven. God created us body and soul. After the resurrection, we will be reunited with our bodies. All things are made new in heaven. We will be able to do new things with our glorified bodies. Our current life/earth is a mere shadow of it’s counterpart in heaven. We likely will be interacting with others. The difference will be the all-encompassing love that will permeate heaven. There won’t be spite, hate, anger, anxiety, fear, jealousy, etc.
He created us for Eden. Then we got kicked out. Eden had trees, gardens, animals, etc.
One catholic apologist asserts that every good thing on earth has an even better counterpart in heaven. I can’t wait.


So there will be a better version of hockey in heave? A better version of golf? A better version of a Big Mac? Man I can’t wait! :stuck_out_tongue:
So will the new Jerusalem be like our earth today, without sin? Does this mean we go to sleep - eat breakfast, go for walks, etc…all normal stuff we do today…in heaven?


Check out Peter Kreeft’s “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Heaven.”

Jesus promised that “No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor heart conceived what God has ready for those who love Him.” While we don’t know exactly what to expect, we do know it will be better than anything we can imagine.

Also check out “Travel Guide to Heaven”. He comments that our current popular view of heaven is so faulty that God practically has to drag us there kicking and screaming.

He promised it would be better. If He can make an earthly mango, peach, or cantaloupe that is perfectly sweet and juicy, why would we assume that there can’t be a far sweeter, tastier option in the resurrected earth/heaven. Hockey? Golf? I don’t know. We can happily speculate and say, “Sure. Why not Hockey?” He loves us and can do all things. Whatever we can imagine—heaven will be better.

Finally, read the last of the Narnia books. Here C S Lewis is taking the reader into heaven. It is not intended to be a perfect description. How could it be? Lewis had not yet gone. As the characters marvel in the doorway of heaven, Aslan keeps calling to them enthusiastically, “Further up! Further in!” If we parents get excited about the children discovering Christmas morning, how much more is He anticipating our glee upon entering heaven?


I just read a fantastic article by Peter Kreeft on the question "Is there sex in heaven"
And he gave a great analogy. Imagine a child asking if you eat candy during sex. Ludicrious right? Well candy is the highest pleasure a child can experience, so it is unfathomable to him that there is something better (like sex). So little do we know how great heaven will be because we can’t imagine how great the pleasure will be…even greater then sex.


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