Fr. Chad Ripperger, FSSP mp3s

Check them out. They’re free!


Great resource. Thanks! Gotta love MP3 players.

:amen: I get so much more ‘reading’ (both spiritual and secular) done now that I can get audiobooks of most everything I want and listen to them while ‘on the move’. I hardly ever listen to radio or watch tv anymore.

Hey thanks a lot.

I love to burn a bunch of MP3’s to listen to while I am driving. It helps also to keep me awake those times when I am the only one awake and the family is snoring away, while I have about an hour or two left to drive home on our common road trips as a family.

With Catholic Answers, the links people put on these threads and stuff I can buy like
for only a buck each, I contently drive around with hours of MP3’s which enrich my faith.

Thanks again and God bless,

Excellent! One of his talks is on St. Louis de Montfort’s *True Devotion to Mary. *This is a wonderful devotion.

Thanks much!

Those are excellent, I loved listening to them.


Fr. Ripperger now has a website that has many of his homilies.


Thanks for this!
I’m always looking for good podcasts to listen to. I’m kinda picky about them, to be honest. They have to be good speakers with something good to say.

I’ve spent a lot of time scouring the Internet, looking for mp3’s by Fr. Groeschel and Fr. Corapi, and similar. You know what? I was thinking that, provided there are no copyright restrictions on a file, maybe we could exchange files via email? I figure there are a lot of files out there on people’s hard drives. I’m going to post about this…

I have almost all of Fr. Ripperger’s talks in my iPod. It sure beats listening to a homily in a typical novus ordo sunday mass. I listen to his talks to a while waiting at a car repair, at doctors, and or just about anywhere I need to wait. It beats vegetating on some magazines. One learns a lot about the true faith that way!


Yes they are absolutely splendid, I have done the same. . if you have not already, also go to Audio Sancto…

They are of the same kind… :slight_smile:

They’re not free, they’re “PenanceWare” regardless of how they’re distributed and where:

Good point!

Fr. Ripperger is awesome! We miss having him here in Omaha, though we’ve got 2 great priests here now. I remember soon after he was ordained listening to his first few homilies. Just the reaction from the congregation was priceless (especially when he spoke about the role of men and women in the Church). We’ve got a collection of his written homilies, but I really should download some of his mp3s, too.

A collection of his written homilies? That I’d like to see. :slight_smile: What a great pastor to have at your home parish.

Yeah, he was great to have here, but I’ve found that most all of FSSP priests we’ve had have been outstanding. Plus with the seminary only 45 minutes away near Lincoln, we have access to several more awesome priests and seminarians. Nebraska’s a real great place to live if you’re a Trad!

I’ll have to see if I can find more of those Fr. Ripperger homily collections around. We may have some in our parish’s bookstore.

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