Fr. Corapi and Mother Dolores Hart - EWTN

I love Fr. Corapi and am happy to see that he will be on EWTN Live on Wednesday march 11. And Mother Dolores Hart will be on March 25. Dolores Hart was a young actress who made quite a few movies and starred with Elvis Presley too. I look forward to both shows. maryann

Thank you for the info! I love Fr. Corapi too! :thumbsup:

I wonder if the Mother Hart program is a re-run?..The last time she spoke I felt she might have suffered a stroke…She seem to be lost for words, a bit

Mother Dolores Hart was in the St Francis movie. I wrote her a few years back telling her how much of an ispiration she was to me. She even wrote back:)

I think she is a very kind and lovely person from what I have read about her…she was always wholesome even when she was an actress

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