Fr. Corapi Conference: Lord and Giver of Life


The lovely wife and I have tickets to attend Fr. Corapi’s conference in Buffalo this August. I have wanted to attend one of his conferences since I first heard him preach. I truly admire him and his life in the Spirit.

I fall too far short in emulating his example in living like Christ wants us to live.

I invite other CAF members to discuss anything Corapi. Hopefully this will keep me occupied until August.

If I pray really intensely maybe my prayers will be answered so that I can greet him in person. I would ernestly like to thank him for his inspiration.

I will continue to also pray for his continued recovery.

Eddie Mac


I have met him 4 times at his different conferences. You can meet him probably, if you have him sign something that you buy. Usually he has many bodyguards around him because he has received death threats. Especially when I was in buffalo to hear him.

Fr Corapi is one of my heroes for sure and I will be attening. I bought the ticket as soon as it came out. I met one of the CA people there also. At the last conference, when he said his goodbyes, I cried like a baby as he said we will see each other in heaven. I felt so united ot him. I love him dearly…:thumbsup:


Hes the reason i converted heard him teach on church tradition and the bible etc. was a protestant since 20 origanally an athiest,but coverted to catholic. So you can definitely say i like him, but how can he afford bodyguards on priest salary


I don’t approve of priests who act like celebrities. And neither dose the Lord. He calls them hypocrites.


If there is anyone who should be a celebrity and an advocate of Catholism it is Fr Corapi. I have heard him speak on tv, not in person. Yet his message is clear, painfully clear. He makes no excuses for any sin. He teahes the Catechism as it is written. I think his style is very straightforeward and he makes no apologies for his way of teaching.

If he is a celebrity (I prefer role model myself), he is one that I would want my children to look up to. Not the ones who are in the tabloids and so forth!

My opinion for sure.

God Bless!

ps Is not the Pope a celebrity also?:smiley:


You have a right to your own opinion…nonetheless it is wrong. He needs bodyguards because people threaten him with his life because he does preach the TRUTH like no other. He has the gift of apostolic preaching and is a holy man, although he would disagree. He prays hours before he gives a homily…HOURS! He is so effective in what he preaches, it brings us back to the ol’ days. The way things were preached before we tip-toed through the tulips.

He is dynamic. Such a booming voice out of a small body. I would challenge anyone to live up to his standards. There would not be too many!

Is it possible that this hypocrisy is being projected?


Was Archbishop Fulton Sheen a “celebrity”? He had his own TV show… What you’re basically saying is that no priest can go beyond his own parish to preach the word.

Father Corapi is a powerful speaker, and speaks the cold, hard, truth. More people need to hear him, IMO.


He writes books and gives conferences and he may have more donations. I am guessing that is probably enough for him to hire bodyguards.


Do you really know Fr. Corapi and his ministry before making this comment?


Eddie Mac- Congratulations on getting tickets to see/meet Father John Corapi. There are other Catholic’s I would love to meet to name a few Mother Angelica, Pope Benedict XVI, and some I’ll have to wait until I’m in Heaven Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II.

God bless you, your wife, and Father John Corapi


I have tons of airline miles and hotel points to burn from when I was a road warrior. Linda Mac and I visited Horseshoe falls from the Ontario side when I was working in Canada, eh? We will be flying up on Thursday, seeing local stuff on Friday, the conference on Saturday, Mass and relax on Sunday, and fly home on Monday.

Any CAF folks in Buffalo that can point us into interesting things to see besides the falls and good places to eat? Please, no wings.

Eddie Mac


Fr. Corapi reminds me of Padre Pio in his dedication to holiness and awareness of the wiles of the enemy. Also the fact that he is a huge advocate of the Rosary. I really admire him and I love hearing him speak. I hope they record his talks at the Lord and Giver of Life conference because I would really love to hear them. I can’t travel to see him because I am going to college soon can’t afford that kind of trip from Kansas. I hope your visit to Buffalo and the conference are a blessing to you and your wife, Eddie!:slight_smile:


Thank you, Goforgoal! Thank you, Joyful_1!

I record all of his shows on EWTN on my satellite DVR.

Linda Mac came home from work the day I bought the tickets and as she was eating supper I told her of the plans. She is as excited as I am.

I wish everyone could see him in person.

Eddie Mac


HSBC Arena where he will be speaking

Grand Canyon of the East

Our Lady of Victory Basilica[

Erie Canal](“”)

Driving Tours

Naval and Military Park
**Buffalo. Waiting to Surprise You

Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Walking Tours

Buffalo Harbor Cruise


Joyful…I am sure you will be able to buy his talk from his site at some point. I will keep you in my prayers. Actually i bring CAF friends et al often in my prayers…


Thanks Buffalo!

Eddie Mac


I saw Fr. Corapi twice-in 1998 at the Rochester Marian Conference, and in 2002 at a two-day retreat at Auriesville Shrine.

At the first one, I caught a glimpse of him during an intermission, and I said with a :thumbsup: , “Good sermon, Father.” And he said, in that deep rumbling voice of his, ‘Thank you.’

At the second, I had a picture taken with him! He was soooo cool!

I got several of his tapes both times!

I live in Upstate NY, and I wish I could go to Buffalo…bummer!


I was there!:extrahappy:Wasn’t Scott Hahn there also? What an intense week-end!:cool::bounce:

Twice I have been to Buffalo…this time around will the third time there. I feels so blessed. Y’all so blessed to have such a holy priest!:thumbsup:


so how many of you CAFers are going to see fr. corapi? I AM! I AM!! :smiley:
God Bless Fr. Corapi!!


How can we find each other amongst over 13,000 people?:shrug:

It sounds like Fr corapi will NOT be signing anything. He has a book-signing session at a hotel near the arena on Friday. But none Saturday. We will probably not see him other than the talks and mass…

Meet Father John Corapi at his Book Release and Signing!

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