Fr. Corapi: death wish

One never walks away from a Fr. Corapi talk/video wondering what his point was. Nor can one listen and then justify one’s comprised actions/attitude as one can w/ many nebulous sermons delivered @ home parishes.

I have to say, I don’t care for blind links. It would be very helpful to me if people would give a brief outline of what we’ll find at the other end.

I’m also not big on the whole ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ approach to either politics or religion. It depresses me and makes me feel like taking a hot bath with a bottle of brandy and a razor blade.

Yeah, there’s a lot of bad stuff out there. But every once is a while it would be nice to hear something good.

I watch ewtn a lot, but I turn it off when he is on.

Thanks for the link! Rarely do you find the honesty that Fr. Corapi is called to. He is truly a holy man and I am thankful for his message!:thumbsup:

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There will be many who will be attracted by the title Death Wish.

The plain truth.

We make it a point to watch and listen to him when ever we can.

I know Fr. Corapi could be brutally frank every now and then.

but he proclaims the truth with enthusiasm and conviction.

Our society has become so soft to indulgence that it cannot

even bear to reconsider the truth.

Well, I stayed at a Holiday Inn last week. It had free breakfast. Hope that cheers you up. Made me sick though…the toaster broke. :crying: :crying:

But Fr Corapi was on TV so I did feel a lot better listening to his real sermon on real issues and no sugar coating. Since I am pre diabetic I really have to watch the sugar coating. :wink:

I am also diabetic Our society is full of ministers trying to
make people feel good and to a certain extent there is nothing wrong with this. However Suffering is not a curse , It can lead us

to examine our lives, recognize our need for God, and transform us. Sugar coated teachings can indulge us to be complacent and
overemphasize our capabilities.

So what’s this death wish? :confused:

Go listen. Nobody can tell it like Fr. Corapi!


No longer available. What’s up with that?

Youtube is famous for deleting videos.

Here it is in written form.

read this and you’ll get the idea…

Death Wish-Part 1:

Death Wish-Part 2:

Wake Up America!:

New War/Old War:

…all have the same(ish) message. Pick one. I prefer Wake Up America!

All are Fr. Corapi’s Clips.

I hear ya.

I know that this is blatant self-promotion, but over at our blog, [The Black Cordelias](“By the way, I highly recommend “Catholic Family News,” my favorite traditionalist periodical.”), we do our level best to get out some of the good news. Check us out every Tuesday for “Vocations Tuesday” where we highlight a community that is experiencing growth and success. That raises the spirits a bit to know that there IS a lot of good out there.

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