Fr. Corapi Good Witness for the Catholic Faith

Fr. Corapi is great. I think many Protestants would be suprised by his firm stands for the Gospel and Christian morality.

I heard an old broadcast today where he was very firm and said “You cannot be both Catholic and Pro Choice…period”.

I think Catholics even go the extra step with birth control. Sadly, many Catholics call themselves faithful Catholics and ignore this clear Catholic teaching (not even on the Protestant radar screen generally). The surprising thing is that Natural Family Planning is approx 99 % effective. No ethical issues, no chemicals, and a way for husbands and wives to particpate together in that area of their relationship. Many dismiss is as if it were the Rythym Method and it is most definetly not. NFP is scientific, effective and in accord with Catholic teaching. It should be more emphasized in the Churches and would enhance sexual expression and love.

Rev North


I hope he continues for some time. God is using him mightily. I read an on line article noting that some modern Catholics were none too pleased with him. But…I hear Mother Angelica gets the same reaction from less than traditional Catholics. I am sure those same people would be telling Christ that He needs to tone down his message, be more inclusive and so on. Christ is love but love has boundaries within which it operates to be meaningful.

Rev North


There is a great article in the latest edition of “The Latin Mass Magazine - The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition.” Written by Fr. Chad Ripperger, F.S.S.P., the article is titled “Immanentism and the Ecclesiological Devestation.”

You can get a free copy of the magazine at

I think you will really enjoy it.

I’ve heard about a number of Protestants who really like him. Many of them gravitate to bold personalities; Fr. Corapi certainly fits that mold.

His testimony is extraordinarily powerful. You can get a free cd at…

Thanks for the link:)

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Fr. Corapi can be heard on Relevant Radio weekdays and Sundays at 11 AM Eastern time, Saturdays at 1PM ET.
Before this wonderful Catholic radio station came to our airwaves, I listened to it online:
There’s lots of great stuff on it!

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