Fr. Corapi on Johnette's tv program

This evening, 5/4/09, Father Corapi was Johnette’s guest on Living His Life Abundantly, EWTN TV. I cannot find the audio version to purchase or download. This program audio should be sent to everyone of our friends and families. Help me w/ a link to the audio version, please.
thank you.

I searched the EWTN website and Johnette’s Living His Life Abundantly site ( and did not find any available download or archived listing of the Abundant Life program.

I know that Johnette advertises that they sell the DVD of each episode, so they may not make them available for free download in either video or audio.

You can buy the DVD from Johnette’s website (

The best I can offer is to list the re-air dates for the show:

Monday 10PM - original air time
Tuesday 4AM - re-air (already past)
Wednesday 2PM
Friday 10AM

Thank you very much for the help.

Hm. I couldn’t find an audio or video clip on EWTN either. I thought it was a wonderful program last night. Anything that Fr.Corapi is a part of is very interesting. I find all EWTN shows pretty interesting.

Don’t these shows take a couple of days or more to archive?

Days? I want it right now!!! (foot stomping 5x)

Abundant Life is not listed in the archives, so I guess EWTN honors the fact that Johnette sells DVD’s of her shows from her website.

This was a great show…it gave me great hope in these times we live in…I never miss Father Corapi…He tells it like it is.

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