Fr. Corapi placed on Administrative Leave Following Accusations

Father Corapi has identified only one accuser, a . . . ** “former employee”** . . . singular. Facts . . . solid well founded facts . . . are what are needed in a . . . grave . . .situation such as this . . . and are the only basis on which righteous just sound judgement can be made . . . NOT . . . unfounded . . . unsupported . . . imaginings . . . speciously masquerading as some weird sort of . . . “logic” . . . presumptiously derived from . . . “silence” . . . where there is a total lack of factual information or foundation . . . when not restrained . . . such . . . unrestrained licentious imaginings . . . leave the door wide open for the . . . grievious sins . . . of bearing . . . false witness . . . lying . . . calumny (a misrepresentation which can harm another’s reputation) . . . the sin of detraction * (a lessening of reputation or esteem especially by envious, malicious, or petty criticism and imaginings)* . . . **libel **. . . slander . . . etc. Seeking the truth based on fact is what any honest decent investigation regarding such as this matter is all about . . . and is the only basis for sound just judgment . . . whether in the public forum or within the Church . . . or when faced with the necessity of making a personal value judgment . . .
Woe unto them
that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20

In this . . . grave . . . situation . . . we need . . . **to stick to the **facts . . . and wait on the Lord and **His **Church to reveal more when the investigation of the facts is complete . . .

The below reference from Sacred :bible1: Scripture is the Eighth Commandment of the Ten Commandments . . . and is covered in considerable detail in The Catechism of the Catholic Church . . . a portion of which is below . . .

"Thou shalt NOT bear false witness against thy neighbor."

Exodus 20:16

[INDENT]. . . :coffeeread: . . .
The Catechism of the Catholic Church

2483 **
Lying is the most direct offense against the truth. To lie is to speak or act against the truth in order to lead someone into error. By injuring man’s relation to truth and to his neighbor, a lie offends against the fundamental relation of man and of his word to the Lord.

**2484 **
The gravity of a lie is measured against the nature of the truth it deforms, the circumstances, the intentions of the one who lies, and the harm suffered by its victims. To lie is to speak or act against the truth in order to lead someone into error.
2485 **
By its very nature, lying is to be condemned. **It is a profanation of speech, whereas the purpose of speech is to communicate **known truth to others. The deliberate intention of leading a neighbor into error by saying things contrary to the truth constitutes a failure in justice and charity. The culpability is greater when the intention of deceiving entails the risk of deadly consequences for those who are led astray.

**2486 **
Since it violates the virtue of truthfulness, a lie does real violence to another. It affects his ability to know, which is a condition of every judgment and decision. It contains the seed of discord and all consequent evils. Lying is destructive of society; it undermines trust among men and tears apart the fabric of social relationships.[/INDENT][RIGHT]. . . all for Jesus+[/RIGHT]

Is this what was done in his case? The board promptly conducted a preliminary investigation on Corapi and were credible and removed him from ministry? If so then we must admit that the charges are indeed credible against him based on the board?

I think that for anyone to stop sending contributions to EWTN on account of this pending situation is making a huge mistake----and doing exactly what the devil wants.

We are in the midst of a spiritual battle against an enemy who wages war against the Church and the family. The Eternal Word Television network started by Mother Angelica needs to continue to reach the millions of viewers around the world with it’s powerful message.

Regardless if we agree with their decision to put Fr. Corapi’s lectures on hold, it is imperative that this network stays on the air. Those who suspend their contributions are making a huge mistake.

And the dragon was angry against the woman: and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 12:17

I too hope for the best case scenario with Fr. Corapi’s case. But even if it turned out that he was lying and did fall into sin, I would love him even more, because I know that Satan has wicked ways of tricking people, and lays down snares especially against influential priests—even though the world and the flesh offer enough temptations as it is.

We must NEVER abandon any priest, or anyone for that matter, who has the misfortune of yielding and falling to temptation. We in the Church Militant are at war with the infernal enemy, and when one of our fellow soldiers falls and is wounded, we must come to his aid.

I have been worried about Fr. Corapi for the past year ever since I saw his changing appearance. I found it rather troubling and odd to say the least for a priest in a religious order who is 62 years old with white/gray hair to suddenly trim and dye his beard black. I tried to reconcile this by offering the benefit of the doubt, thinking, well, maybe he wants to appeal to the younger generation and appear strong. But my gut feeling was that it was strange.

Since our pilgrimage on earth is a journey to increasingly become more and more united to Jesus Christ and reach perfect union with God in heaven, I’m hoping that Fr. Corapi turns his back completely on the world and lets his beard grow as white as Fr. Groeschel’s. Maybe this event in his life is a blessing in some way, even though he’s probably telling the truth and is innocent, because fame, power, and adoring fans is a recipe for temptation and corruption, especially since there are wicked people who are more than willing to do what they can to help you fall into sin. No man can live in the world and not be tempted. I know that if I had fame, power, adoring fans and plagued with occasions of sin, I know that I would probably be in trouble, with no need of the devil.

When we yield to the world and to the flesh and fall into the snares of the infernal foe, we make ourselves vulnerable. Father Corapi himself said that Satan is like a ferocious dog on a chain, and cannot harm us unless we get close enough and fall within his grasp through yielding to mortal sin.

“A saint is one who is so fascinated by the beauty of God and by his perfect truth as to be progressively transformed by it.”–Pope Benedict XVI

We simply do not know. All we know is the information that Fr. Corapi has chosen to release. The officials conducting the investigation are not releasing any information about their investigation - and I think that is the right thing for them to do. We should withold judgment against anyone involved in this situation until the facts come out.

That is not what Fr. Corapi said. As said earlier, he wrote:

On Ash Wednesday I learned that a former employee sent a three-page letter to several bishops accusing me of everything from drug addiction to multiple sexual exploits with her and several other adult women.

You have changed the wording and included the word “one” and “only”. These are not in the Father’s statement and are not implied in it. I would suggest you read your own post about Truth. I did nothing contrary to what you posted.

Also, it does not add weight to an argument to keep changing fonts. There is not need to be uncharitable.

Immaculate Heart Radio is standing by Fr. Corapi and will continue to play his stuff until he is found guilty. You can listen to them online

What I don’t understand is why Immaculate Heart Radio is allowed to play his material but EWTN is not. Did the Church mandate that his stuff stop being played on the air? If so, why is Immaculate Heart Radio is going against what the Church asks…

EWTN states: “We are obliged to do so in obedience to the discipline of the Church.”
Immaculate Heart Radio…isn’t obliged to the discipline of the Church?

Kinda makes you wonder honestly if this was just a personal decision of EWTN or if they are really are obliged to the discipline of the Church. And it’s not even that they don’t play his material, they completely took him out of their catalog as well. This happened and a decision was made in 1 day.:shrug:

If it wrong to play his material over the air because of EWTN’s claim, is it wrong for me to pop in his dvd and watch it with my family on the TV after dinner? both are doing the same thing broadcasting his material…


EWTN may have been the local Bishop’s decision (or a Franciscan one). EWTN would be bound, but no one outside of his diocese would be bound by the decision. I’m guessing, obviously :wink:

Perhaps EWTN doesn’t want risk the chance of looking bad? Or they have some inside information about Fr. John’s situation that we don’t know about? The network isn’t run by Mother Angelica. In 1999 The Holy See appointed an Apostolic Visitor, Archbishop Roberto González Nieves of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to investigate. Archbishop Gonzalez Nieves saw three distinct problems: the ownership of the network, the monastery’s right to give property to EWTN, and, since she had never been elected, the legitimacy of Mother Angelica’s authority. To prevent the Holy See from making changes, Mother Angelica resigned her positions on the EWTN board and turned it completely over to lay people, which severed official connection with her monastery and assured that the management of EWTN were not directly dependent on the bishops or the Holy See

+Below is the new statement EWTN released just yesterday . . .

. . . :coffeeread: . . .
[INDENT]EWTN releases new statement on Fr. Corapi
**March 23, 2011 **
- posted with comments by Deacon Greg Kandra
Diocese of Brooklyn, New York

"We are aware that many of our supporters are disappointed in EWTN’s decision to remove Father John Corapi’s programs from the Network during his administrative leave. We too are greatly disappointed that EWTN had to make this difficult decision. We can assure you that it was made with much prayer and careful discernment.

The fact is that Father John’s own religious community has placed him on administrative leave and his capacity to function publicly as a priest has been suspended during the investigation of the charges against him. This was officially communicated to all of the bishops of the country in a statement saying that, “…Fr. Corapi has been placed on administrative leave and has had all of his priestly faculties removed.”

In EWTN’s thirty years of existence, the Network has never knowingly aired programming featuring any priest whose priestly faculties have been suspended. The Network has always responded consistently and immediately in such situations by removing such programs from the air. ** We are obliged to do so in obedience to the discipline of the Church.**

Father John has long been a friend of EWTN and many of us have worked closely with him throughout the years. He is a tremendously gifted preacher who has led many souls to Christ. We are doing exactly as he has asked and supporting him and everyone involved in the situation in the best way possible, through our prayers.

It is also our prayer that this matter will be brought to a speedy resolution so that Father John’s programs can be returned to the airwaves."[/INDENT]________________________

COMMENT by Deacon Kandra . . .
This strikes me as sensible and sensitive, and in keeping with canon law. If a priest’s faculties are suspended, it means he cannot celebrate the sacraments publicly, wear clerical attire, or publicly present himself as a priest. If he can’t do that now, he shouldn’t be doing it on a broadcast, even if it was taped when he was a priest in good standing.

Let’s continue to pray for a swift and positive resolution to this whole matter, for the sake of Fr. Corapi — and for the sake of all his faithful viewers, too.
:compcoff: Link:
[RIGHT]. . . all for Jesus+
+ Jesus I Trust in You! +[/RIGHT]

How long would this process take normally? Or is that like asking how long is a piece of string?

It is worrying if as per another poster, a preliminary investigation was conducted and the accusations deemed credible enough to warrant further investigation. However, if this was a former employee, she would perhaps make her accusations more credible because she would have details of his diary, and be able to put time and place to her accusations.

Again, prayers for all involved.

Nobody said that. There’s a big difference between EWTN following diocesan guidelines not to promote Father (yes he still has that title) Corapi’s materials and you listening to them.

You need to be mindful of lurkers who are looking but not posting, many who are considering conversion or reversion. We, who put “Catholic” as our faith, must remember to witness charitably and to demonstrate our obedience to our bishops.

I certainly agree. Father Corapi’s work prior to the allegations does not constitute (current) public ministry. Catholic media are retroactively suspending his faculties.

The last two pictures just don’t seem real - are you sure they are not touched up images because it not only looks like his beard is black but that he has had an eye and/or brow lift . I haven’t seen him recently but they look rather suspicious to me.

I saw Father Corapi in person in May 2010. He absolutely looked more like the last person. Dark beard, shiny bald head. Expensive suit. We had really good tickets. His talk was still excellent, but I was shocked by his worldly appearance.


Those last two pictures are not touched up. It is how he looks these days.

Expensive suit? Meaning not his clerics? :blush:

Then that’s it I guess. His appearance changed (so you say, under the guise of ‘concern’), so he must be snorting blow and mainlining smack. :rolleyes:

I guess he’s now in Satan’s employ. :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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