Fr. Corapi Responds to Some of His Order's Charges

If we could try to keep comments to what is known and if one must be critical, please do so in as charitable a manner as is possible so that we can keep the thread open.

Having said that, while some parts of the video bothered me I was happy to see him talk and to encourage his followers about loving Christ and loving the Church.

Pax Christi,



One really doesn’t even know what to say. No collar? Of course not. A leather Harley Davidson jacket? :eek:

“We’re gonna move into the future.” :eek:

“A lot of what happened is beyond my control.” :eek::mad:

This man is not behaving or acting as if he has ever been a Catholic priest or a member of any order.

If you didn’t know that he was recently a Catholic priest, would you ever suspect it?


This is absolutely awful. How can he do this?

“A radical change like I am going through…in a certain way, some of you are going through it with me…”

I am beyond horrified.

God bless him. Tough times for him, for sure.

He’s getting rather theatrical with all the leather etc, isn’t he?

He clearing isn’t looking to “come back”. He is looking to “moving on”

I wish him nothing but the best in for his future, whatever it holds for him.

God go with you, Fr. Corapi.

I wish I could do that, but he is taking good Catholics with him …over a cliff into nothingness.:mad:

It would be one thing if he truly were just going out into the desert alone, but he’s trying to keep his fans with him. Even though he pretends humility at the end of the video, urging his followers NOT to follow him, they are only going to be cemented to him more when they see this. It is an old technique, “Oh, look, he still loves the Church, he told us not to follow him but the Church!” And then they are charmed into moving “onward” with him.


These are the two issues that resonated with me as well Juliane. First, in my opinion, it is absolutely within his control whether or not he complies with the orders of his superiors. Second, no I would not suspect him of being a priest based on that video.

People who follow him follow him by choice. They are responsible for their own choices as much as he is responsible for his.

Besides the Ultimate Sacrifice of Our Lord, the freedom to chose to follow or not to follow Him is the next biggest gift He gave to us. IMHO anyway.

I do, however, understand your feelings and am not trying to invalidate them. :slight_smile:

Very sad indeed. What kind of example can he be to Catholics anyway? The Church is having such a hard time. This is umbelievable.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch. Just the first frame disturbed me incredibly.


Dear Lord, please help him.

My 2 children aged 10 and 7 walked over and saw his image.

DS (10) Is that Father Corapi? Why does he look like that?

DD (7) Maybe that’s not the real Father Corapi.


I think it’s said, the jacket, the “middle-aged” crisis look, he’s thin, the dye, but I think it’s sadder that he never, ever mentions Mary or the rosary anymore, ever. I think he doesn’t want to be hated, must have read some uncharitable comments and some well-meaning and truthful (I erred on some less charitable myself) but others have to be aware the business part of him knows what to do to sell, once accounts, houses,etc. I hope many aren’t pulled in to support him when so many others need help.

It seemed to me he wants to move on, not address the charges, maybe not the law suit.
Maybe it will just be quiet and most will move on.

John Corapi was one person on EWTN, one person on TV, not as well known as many, the church took a hit, but it wasn’t a bomb.

The Church does not need this guy’s mid-life crisis. Enough is enough.

I have to admit I do hope this is the case. Too much energy, too much drama in the recent past. Time to heal, IMO.

Ok so he doesn’t want to be a Catholic priest for all intense and practical purposes anymore so it seems. He wasn’t the first and won’t be the last man to go down that road.

My six year old who wants to be a priest and loved Father John said the same thing, “is that Father Corapi?” “Why is he dressed like that, where are his clerics?”
How hard it is to explain to a young child why a priest has abandoned his priesthood.

I did not know Him but for the participation here. And, sincerely, as a priest, it looked hollywoodesque. His definition in Facebook that It is either we go to Heaven or to Hell. Period. that “Period” in such a poor statement, the photographs of families kneeling in front of him while he gave autographs, I dont think that would be acceptable in Europe. the statute of St George (was Him) defeating the Devil in the mass was strange…

Jesus Christ is the SuperStar, but he looked like He was. Maybe He is right, things unfolded beyond a place where he should not be, revealing the True One: Jesus.

The clothes did not bother me. I have a friend who is a priest and a motorbike man. He presides over the Liturgy of their pilgrimage to Fatima when the Sanctuary is full of motorbikes, and he says the MASS. Beautiful…

Wish Fr. Corapi the best and may God help Him…:slight_smile:

I saw the video but kept the audio off… its too depressing for me to see him not only not wear his collar but all decked out in leather with a huge black beard.

I just want to cry!:confused:

I don’t recall him saying the Catholic Church, though I’m certain he said the Church. As a Catholic, I think he means the Catholic Church. But another Christian may think any church, right?

Isn’t it a common tactic to say “the Church” and then redefine what the Church is? And often it isn’t Catholic. Not saying that he’ll do something like this, but iirc he said something about broadening his audience. Prayers for him and his fans.

Praying for you Mary, to find a loving and charitable way of helping your children understand that even priests still struggle in their own lives, even though they are priests. And that we need to pray for them.

This is like saying “they eye does not need the mouth”. He is a member of the Body of Christ, and since we are members one of another, we must bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the Law of Christ.

Your statement goes against all that the Apostles taught about how to deal with a brother who has fallen into sin. Nowhere do they say to just brush them off in this manner. On the contrary, we are to love one another, as love COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SINS, which surely seems necessary in this case.

My wife and I rarely missed Father Corapi’s Saturday and Sunday programs on EWTN and purchased some of his DVDs, especially those on Mary.

The John Corapi in this new video does not come across as the same man whatsoever. And it’s not just the fashionable Harley jacket and dyed beard.

SOLT’s recent statement clarified that the investigation was based upon what they saw as a pattern of conduct, not just a single allegation, and yesterday’s Black SheepDog blog reply to the SOLT statement seemed evasive and Clintonesque. As did this video.

And I agree wholeheartedly with those who have stated that they are tired of the repetitive charge that the Church wanted Father John Corapi to “lay down and die”. As much as I admired the man, and as grateful as I am for his guiding me back to the Church and bringing me closer to Jesus and Mary, I am just not buying it.

I will continue to pray to our Blessed Mother to watch over Father Corapi in whatever path he chooses to take, though in particular to guide his to return to the SOLT community. But the Black SheepDog in this video comes across like a man who wanted to return to secular life.

Look, God has used this man to be his instrument to bring many, many, people to him. Same as Mel Gibson. But as soon as God is done using his instrument or wants to play his instrument, we are all so gung ho to throw the instrument out. We need to pray for this man’s soul and salvation-God has used him to bring so many to Christ-and now we are willing to throw him out because of his shortcomings. We need to pray for him. And we need to ask Blessed Pope John Paul II for his intervention in this situation.

Same holds true for Mel Gibson-how many people were brought to Christ through the film Mel Gibson made? But now we are all going to give up on him and throw him out because of his sins?

We need to pray for these people. Their souls are just as valuable to God as yours and mine are.

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