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I thought I would post the letters I receive from Fr Corapi in my personal e-mail box. It is enriching to share one another’s news on how he is doing, etc. God bless!

[FONT=Arial]The Hour Is Late…

I have been celebrating Mass at a local parish while the pastor is away the past few weeks. Many of the readings during that time concerned the prophets and their message and trials. I was moved to reflect once again on the prophetic dimension of our Baptism in Christ-Priest, Prophet and King. Several decades ago, the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, “The prophetic voice of Christ has all but been stilled in the Church today.” To the degree we fail in this prophetic mission, the world will sink into oblivion under the increasing weight of its sins.
In my lifetime, the United States has gone from quite a wholesome, rational, and moral country, to one that is largely decadent, irrational, and immoral. Most people seem to be hardened to it, unconcerned that we have a death wish in process.
First it was artificial contraception, then abortion, then partial-birth abortion, then infanticide (all of which have been supported by many liberal politicians at one time or another, even some running for president) not to mention euthanasia, and outright killing of the disabled and sick. Actually, it’s even worse. Terri Schiavo wasn’t sick. She didn’t die from an illness. They killed her by starvation, a very cruel way to die.
Now it’s same sex marriage (no transmission of life, no fruit of natural love) and we call it inclusive and just. It is yet another nail in the coffin of a society that is clearly dying. Every stage of life is under assault by the forces of death. From prevention of life through artificial contraception, to abortion-which is homicide by definition in each case (the taking of the life of an innocent human being), and genocide taken as a whole. Preventing life, ending life from the youngest to the oldest. We call it progress. It is a death wish, and we had better watch what we wish for.
"All that evil requires to prosper is that good men remain silent.” The hour is late. We have had years to change course. Instead, we have obstinately refused and gone from bad to worse. May God have mercy on us, and grant us the courage and strength to act in accordance with that truth.
God bless you,
Fr. John Corapi


Thank you Shoshana for posting this. I agree with Father’s assessment wholeheartedly. God help this country!:gopray2:

I wish there were more like you!, maria rose Although I am from Canada, I take his letters to appy to my own country. My country is indeed in great need for prayer!:blush:

Whenever I receive mail from Fr Corapi’s newsletter, I will post them. i find them greatly inspiring…:slight_smile:

Thank you! And God help us all, indeed.

especially after reading St. Paul’s letter to the Romans

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