Fr. David Nix: Homeless after reporting abuse


"I am a priest of eight years in good standing of the Archdiocese of Denver. About three weeks before the McCarrick scandal broke, I relayed reports of misconduct with children to Archbishop Aquila, and since then, I have been homeless and ignored by his chancery. After months of reaching out to them, I am now forced to go public with these scandals…

The very next day, 26 May 2018, the threats from the chancery began. Archbishop Aquila wrote me on 26 May: “To be direct, the way you have expressed yourself raises serious civil and canonical implications.” Fr. Capucci, the judicial vicar wrote me: “Please identify your civil lawyer so the Archdiocese’s long-time counsel, Scott Browning of the law firm Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, can be in touch with these lawyers first thing tomorrow.”

Since reporting scandals, Archbishop Aquila has iced me and I have been homeless and living out of my car."

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He is in my prayers.


Ghosted, not iced.

But very sad. :frowning:

I hope all this stress brings him to the place God wants him to be, but the journey in getting there seems very unpleasant. :frowning:


Need more particulars. This sounds a bit fishy.


Very fishy


Bp. Aquila releases a statement presenting his side of the story:

“Putting the very best light on this, one can see Fr. Nix as over-zealous in his belief that many people are too casual in matters of liturgy and doctrine. He has been very judgmental and vocal about these issues.

To be clear, the two allegations Fr. Nix was using to try to control his assignment are not dark secrets that somehow make Fr. Nix a “whistle blower.” One involved a seminarian and the matter was fully reported to law enforcement in 2012 and the seminarian involved was dismissed from the seminary. Fr. Nix has admitted his concern about this situation is that the family did not receive a proper apology, which is not correct. The second allegation involves a third-hand report from the 1980s, and Fr. Nix confirmed in writing, and then in person to both an official of the curia and a member of the Conduct Response Team, that there was absolutely no allegation of any sexual contact or abuse.”

Fr. Nix responds:

How could any of these accusations be true with the battery of emails that I sent to Bishop Rodriguez like the one below?.. My lawsuit for unlawful discharge after reporting misconduct with children continues against Archbishop Aquila.”

The first accusation I find somewhat curious. Fr. Nix is indeed openly conservative, as can be ascertained from his homilies and conferences, a number of which are online—and yet, other priests more conservative or traditional than he remain in good standing with their dioceses. As for the allegations regarding sexual misconduct or abuse, it is difficult to determine the truth of the matter without possessing all the facts; I pray that both parties will arrive at an amicable solution.


I’m siding with his Bishop.


I trust the Bishop. Something seems up with this priest.


He said that he heard this third hand. This sounds like so much gossip. It could be that this is how the bishop saw it also.


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