Fr. Dick Preston

Does anybody know about Fr. Dick Preston? He appeared in Michael Moore’s film Capitalism: A Love Story. However, I’m bothered by the fact that Fr. Dick is, in his own words, “a married, Roman Catholic Priest.” Check out the following links:

It’s no help that Fr. Dick is associated with Michael Moore. Though I have admired much of what Mr. Moore has done (he came to my university in 2002 and signed a couple of books for me), I find his support for abortion “rights” quite unfortunate.

Considering all the other lies and misinformation in Moore’s films, does this really surprise anyone?

A Google search turned up the following, from the Call to Action of Michigan Winter/Spring 2010 newsletter:… We are excited to report that Dick Preston of Lansing was invited to the Episcopal Ordination of Roman Catholic Womanpriest, Olivia Doko, in San Jose, California on February 27, 2010.

While there Dick was surprised to learn that RCWP do not only include women but men also. …
And this reply to an article about Maryknoll Fr. Roy Bourgeois in the National Catholic Reporter: Submitted by Rev. Dick Preston (not verified) on Jun. 14, 2011.

It looks like Veneroso [the author of the article], like most priests, has lost his manhood. Maryknoll used to be identified with courage and vision–not anymore. I am proud to call Roy a brother priest and I am proud to stand excommunicated with him.

Association with Michael Moore is not his only problem, it would appear.

I find these attacks on Michael Moore very sad. He is a man who is passionate about justice and is such a believer in the right of someone to criticise him that he donated to a website devoted to abusing him, as the person running it couldn’t afford his wife’s medical bills. If he had not the website would’ve closed down.

When was the last time one of the Right-wing equivelents donated to support those criticising them? Michael Moore has done a lot to improve how people here in Europe view the USA, showing that the majority of Americans do not support the extreme right-wing policies that get so much publicity over here. I think Michael Moore has done his country a great service, and whatever your political views, that should be acknowledged.

I appreciate that he allows himself to be open for criticism. However, his pieces are extremely slanted, he misquotes or ‘selectively edits’ some of his interview footage/recordings, and several of his beliefs are seriously out of line with Catholic teaching. This doesn’t make him a bad person, but not someone who necessarily deserves praise, either.

Oops! I should have said, “a married, Roman Catholic priest.” I shouldn’t have capitalized the “p” in “priest.” Sorry!

I believe the Dick Preston in question appears in this video. At least he’s not presenting himself as a priest.

I agree.

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