Fr. Donald Kloster answers questions on the EF of the Mass - Video series


I found these videos to be interesting and informative. As someone who sees the beauty and reverence of the EF of the Mass but who has not personally become a devotee and who has their own hangups about it, I have been looking for information to help me better understand it. In this series of videos, Father does make some comparisons with the OF of the Mass, but that is not my intent in posting them. Rather, it is focused on trying to get a better understanding of the EF. Regardless, some of his comments on the English translation of the OF are not really pertinent today as they were made prior to the newer translation of the Roman Missal, which is more faithful to the Latin anyway.

At this point, I have not been to the EF enough to really get my head around it or to be comfortable. There is not one offered in my area, so attending with enough regularity to really figure out if it is something my wife and I would attend on a permanent basis is difficult.

To that end, I try to find good information about the Mass, and have even considered trying to learn Latin, but have not made any sort of decisions along those lines.

Anyway, I hope that others enjoy the videos as well.





You’re welcome!


I should add also that he does go on a bit about head coverings, etc. for women, and while I understand his rationale, I kind of came away thinking that he might have overdone it a bit. I also came away thinking that he pushes the nuptial aspect of the Mass a bit more than necessary.

The first of the four videos was by far the most interesting to me. The rest of them are question and answer session, and were a bit less focused as a result.



THANK YOU jwinch!

I love watching good Catholic videos; I can stare at a priest talk about boring theological topics for hours on Youtube, but when it’s only audio, I can only last for like ten minutes.

I think part of being a devotee of the EF is desensitizing oneself of the things that modern society has sensitized us to. If I am listening to a FSSP/trad priest speak and something makes me cringe–and it does happen to us modern people–I err on the side of caution and force myself to listen to it again. If the Church’s teaching on contraception is cringe-inducing to the vast majority of Americans, and if I’ve accepted that without much difficulty, then surely I can listen to a priest talk about head coverings.

I am a devotee of the EF and I was watching the FSSP ordinations live yesterday. Every time Bishop Conley said Jesus, you saw about 60 birettas come off. That happened about five or six times in his homily, and my first reaction was that it was ridiculous. Then I caught myself and forced myself to just accept it, that my modern sensitivities to utilitarianism should be squashed. It’s like potty training. To attend a trad parish (oh how I wish we had one) does seem to be a major bout of cultural reconditioning. =p


You bring up some good points. And to be fair to the priest, his comments there were in response to questions which were asked. I still think the nuptial aspect was a bit over done, but that is just me. There are any number of manners in which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can be understood, and none of them need imply the other to be false, its just that for me, that particular way has always resonated with me the least. I just am attracted to a more masculine spiritual approach, which manifests in my preference for monastic spirituality rather than some of the spiritual approaches which manifested later when language was more romantic in nature. Having said all that, if that floats your boat, and this priest wishes to emphasize that aspect, there is zero problem with it on my end.

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