Fr Dyfrig Harris, OSB reposed

…a much-loved priest of Belmont Abbey (English Benedictine Congregation), Fr Dyfrig Harris, died of a massive stroke last night (Monday, 23 January). He was in his early sixties.


O Christ God, with the saints grant rest
To the soul of your servant,
In a place where there is no pain,
No grief, no sighing,
But everlasting life.

May his memory be eternal!

.Having taught for many years in the monastery school, and written icons of genuine beauty, Fr Dyfrig served as a priest in both the Latin and Byzantine Rites, having given an incalculable service to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic community in Gloucester over the course of many years. Indeed, as the UGC priest in Gloucester became increasingly infirm, Fr Dyfrig would drive over from the monastery in Hereford whenever he was needed to celebrate the Divine Liturgy. Indeed, he was coming over to concelebrate in Gloucester right up until November of this past year.

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May he rest in peace and may his memory be eternal!

May his memory be eternal

God Bless that holy man! I’m praying for him now, though it may be that he is the one doing the praying in Heaven!

Thank you for posting this. Fr Dyfrig will be sorely missed.

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