Fr. Feeney and excommunication


I read today that Fr. Feeney was excommunicated because he believed that people had to be actual member of the Catholic Church in order for salvation. Now, I also read that he, Feeney, was not excommunicated for this strict view, but for disobedience. Can someone point me to a realiable source that is easy to understand?



Who the heck is Father feeney??? I’ve heard of Shirley Feeney, Feen- a- mint-Feenians :smiley: Rainbow:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You are correct in your statement that Fr. Feeney was excommunicated for his disobedience. Before his death he was reconciled with the Church.

There are several websites that have collections of his writings archived. You can find those quite easily by doing a web search for his name.

Try this article for a little more information:



Thank you Chad.
So, was the disobedience in the refusal to leave when told to leave and the fact that he never went to Rome to “face” the charges or maybe clear up the matter of his teachings?


Fr. Feeney believed in the Immaculate Conception and Assumption of St. Joseph, amongst other odd things.


As I recall the news articles at the time, it was his refusal to respond to a summons to Rome to explain himself. Also, Archbishop Cushing’s elevation to Cardinal was delayed a couple of years as a sign of Rome’s displeasure. He should have straightened the matter out himself and not let it get to Rome. However, Father Feeney was a friend of his, and he had great difficulty in correcting his friends.


You are kidding? That is odd.


I see. That does make more sense now. It is hard to correct friends; but it does show a true mark of charity if you are able to.



What Joe says is correct, but I think before his summons to Rome Feeney was disobeying his superiors for several years. I know they weren’t happy with his activities at the St. Benedict Center since they were taking on a “cult of personality.” He was ordered to go to different assignments and repeatedly refused or he left and shortly came back.

So long before it got to Rome Feeney had been disobedient for several years prior.



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