Fr. Fessio on the Mass & Vatican II

This article from 1999 by Fr. Joseph Fessio, is one of the finest looks at what the fathers of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) actually meant when they wrote and voted on *Sacrosanctum Concilium *in1963. Every priest and bishop who celebrates the Roman Rite should be required to read it!

No doubt, since the Mass of Paul VI was introduced in 1969-1970, the vast majority (maybe 99.9%) of all parishes do not even come close to celebrating the Mass as mandated by the council. Am I wrong?

He also gave a wonderful talk years back in Toronto explaining some of the word changes… like all/many. It made it so much more clear how wrong the change is, and how it can become a real “teaching moment” when B16 corrects this change, and others.

I have read the article and I appreciate the Latin Mass. I am blessed with a brain (not I did not say mind) that easily decodes. I taught myself to read before I went to school. I did this by memorizing the stories my mother read to me then applied them to the printed words in the books, I was soon able to read books that were not read to me first. In a similar manner I learned Latin by following the Latin Mass in the Missal. At this point, I am wondering how much I was paying attention to the Mass as I was enjoying the decoding process. Now as to the Gregorian Chant in in music, I simply cannot get my vocal chords to respond to the simple hymns we have today. My participation in the song part of the Mass consists of lip-syncing and attentive listening. I realize that most people are not blessed with my gift of decoding. It might be very difficult for them to fully participate in the Mass in a different language. It might also become distracting. That being said, our Jewish brethern seem to have no problem dealing with not only a different language but alphabet. I have been a guest at Jewish Seders where children as young as ten have asked the questions in Hebrew. In short I am comfortable with the Mass as said in my parish. I also feel that what we really need is a lot of Adult Education opportunities.

Boy is that the truth!!!

And not just the laity:whistle:

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