Fr. Goodwin FSSP, EWTN Video Interview

Go to:

Scroll down to archived video.

Click 100k or 300k next to “EWTN Live”.

Thanks! The archived audio is still up and I am listening to it right now. Appreciate this link!:thumbsup:


Great link. I never thought the day would come…the FSSP on EWTN, go figure…

Can anyone give a summary? The archived WM links don’t work for me, just the live Flash one. :frowning:

Link to Interview

Thank you for the link. It is now in my favorites.

Thanks to all who brought this to my attention! :thumbsup:

I do believe the Latin Rite is slowly being submerged back into traditional Catholic liturgy and a renewed affirmation of Catholic orthodoxy. I hear the new, young seminarians are noted for their loyalty to Church teaching and emphasis on the Latin Rite’s need for liturgical continuity. This is great!

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