Fr Groeschel's Best Catholic College list?

I was told that Father Benedict Groeschel made some kind of list, where he listed the 100 Catholic colleges that still hold to their Catholic identity, or the 100 best Catholic colleges, or something to this effect. I tried to find it, but without successs.

Is there really such a list? Do you know where I can find it?

If anyone can help me out here I would really appreciate it!
God bless!

Juless, I don’t think Fr. Groeschel was involved in this, but the National Catholic Register (note: not the National Catholic Reporter) does an annual survey of Catholic college orthodoxy.

Pretty much any of the colleges who respond to the survey are safe. Those which don’t measure up as orthodox don’t bother to reply. But you can view the survey, the list of colleges, and the responses the colleges provided:

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