Fr. Jonathan Morris

Has anyone heard of this Catholic priest that is a news contributor for FOX? Does anyone here like reading his articles/listening to him?

Yes…we had dinner with him when he was in town speaking to the local Legatus group. He is very bright and well-spoken, and belongs to the Legionaries of Christ. He advised Mel Gibson during filming of The Passion of the Christ. He is fearless and will stand up for the Church against all comers (recently, Richard Dawkins, in a debate.)

I read his column on Fox News and watch the video clips… His book called The Promise is excellent.

Oh you’re so lucky!! I have been looking more and more into the things he has done and feel that is is very brilliant and religious! Dinner must have been nice =]

i will have to look into that. I like how he writes.

Father Morris can be found on Facebook now as well – it looks like his television interviews are regularly posted there, as well as his blog. Look under ‘Jonathan Morris’ and then look for his picture.
His work is uplifting and Christ-centered. I am thankful for him being a strong voice for the Church.

I mostly know him for his fame, or rather lack thereof in the Sean Hannity scandal:

Hmmm… this was very interesting. Something I had never heard about… I had such high regards for Sean Hannity too =\

I like the quote on how one of the spiritual works of mercy is to admonish the sinner.

Lots of people are praying for Sean to come home.

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