Fr. Joseph Fessio on Motu Propio

I guess I missed this…on the Hugh Hewitt show…Father Joseph Fessio, Provost of Ave Maria University in Florida, where he is also a professor of theology. Hope it hasn’t been posted anywhere. He said, in part:
“He is going to issue, probably in the next few weeks, a document which has to do with the restoration of the pre-conciliar Mass, the so called tridentine Mass. I think he wanted to issue this document first as a more general treatment of the Mass, but now he’s going to take another step forward when he issues his motu proprio.”*

That’s towards the end. Granted this was said a month ago, so who knows.

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"

Fr. Fessio talked at my school something a bit over a month ago. All that he knew then was that the document was in a third draft in November (because Pope Benedict had told him), and that it is coming. He (at least at that point) had no information about the exact date other than it was ‘soon,’ just like we have been hearing from everyone else.

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