Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi

I have recently been speaking with some Catholics at a local parish who are big fans of Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi. I understand he is a highly educated priest who in the past has worked with Fr. Amorth, appeared on EWTN, and currently broadcasts on Radio Maria. I have not yet checked out any of his talks or videos. Is anyone familiar with this priest or has any thoughts on him?

I understand he is also pushing for the beatification of several mystics, but as the mystics’ private revelations aren’t yet approved, we should not discuss them here, and I am simply asking about Fr. Iannuzzi.

Edited to add, one of the reasons I am so confused is that he appears to have his own website here , but also seems to be referenced and discussed on a whole bunch of other websites of different groups who are interested in his talks, and it’s incredibly confusing. I think one of the websites is run by the group which these Catholics I met are affiliated with. While I don’t think they’re doing or saying anything in bad faith, I am a little leery of groups when I’m not sure who’s running them.

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