Fr Kapun's road to Canonization

Interesting article on this most amazing Preist!

Having grown up in the same diocese as Fr. Kapaun, I have heard plenty about this man. And actually I just recently was able to go to Pilsen and see the church in which he grew up/became a pastor. What a wonderful story it all is! Fr. Kapaun, pray for us.

I think this incredible servant of God should already have been named a Saint. I also can’t understand why he hasn’t been declared a martyr. The youth of his Diocese (Wichita) know his story and respect his journey. Having a contemporary Saint would be a great message to people throughout the world. What an incredible man of faith, compassion, and courage.

Finally, I just have to say, we moved to the Diocese of Wichita just 15 months ago. We have been so impressed with the Catholic Church in this Diocese, the Schools, how they are funded (via tithing–no tuition), and the respect for life that abounds here. This Diocese is greatly blessed and we are thankful to be a part of it.

Thanks for posting this…i had never even heard of him before but I’m glad that the church has put him on the road to canonisation…he sounds amazing…I’ll definately be praying to ask for his prayers and intercession in my own life… :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m going to have to put in a plug for the book.
Not only good information about Fr. Kapaun but some eye opening accounts about the Korean War.

You are truly in an amazing and blessed diocese! I have met many of the priests, and they are wonderful.

Pray for us, Father Kapaun!

I heard just today (17 November) on Catholic Answers Radio that Fr Kapun’s cause has stalled because no one witnessed his death.

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