Fr. Larry Richards - Excellent, excellent

Fr. Larry Richards Homilies

If you register at his site, you can get a talk, the truth, which is awesome

Read what others think about Fr. Larry Richards

May the merciful Jesus bless you :slight_smile:

You can download the over 420 podcasts above without having to register

But if you register you can get access to his written homilies which are just as excellent.

He is very passionate about the eucharist and Jesus Christ, and he delivers his sermon simply and honestly.

May the merciful Jesus bless you

Youtube has interesting videos on Fr. Larry Richards

Just take a peek, he gave interesting talk

Fr. Larry Richards is riveting.

There is a free tape on his talks about the mass explained, and confession from


Fr. Larry Richards is good! The mass explained, and confession tapes helped me when I needed it.


I’ll give it a look. Haven’t heard of him, but that’s fine.

Yeah Fr. Larry Richards is great.
Very direct, but I like that :slight_smile:
Been a while though since I last listened to his homilies, might wanna start again!

His direct talk might surprise you at first as it did to me,

but after a while, you’ll get to know him, and you will see that he is a sweet person, loving Jesus Christ and trying to get people to love Christ and get closer to him.

I pray for you Father Larry

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