Fr Larry Richards


I just watched his video on confession–very energetic, down to earth priest. I would like to have him hear my confession–I would choose the “questions” option!


I have listened to the cd of the same subject available from He inspired me to go to confession and make an examination of conscience like no other.


I have listen to most of his CD’s and have found him to be very inspirational. Some of them are quite moving. To find out more just google reason for my hope


Umm…AllSeethingEye (comment from 4 days ago) doesn’t seem too impressed. Something personal going on there, maybe?



Joining the chorus of enthusiasts for the CD, Confession. (Yes, he seems like an awesome guy to hear a confession.)



Love his Confessions CD!


I listen to him on cd…I really like him…very inspirational…


Thank You for posting this. It has encouraged me to think more of my sins and reminded me to prepare for my confession this Saturday.


He lost me after like, less than ten seconds. Once he said “jokingly” you are wasting My time…

Excuse me? Did Jesus feel like his time was wasted because some would not listen?
Wouldn’t Jesus have come in the flesh if only one man would listen?


It’s just a matter of style, SJ. His style is to provoke and to challenge and to be very active about his message. I think you should lighten up a bit, but it’ okay not to like everybody’s style. God speaks through millions of voices, and Fr. Larry Richards is only one voice. His is as valid as a voice of Christ as are other voices; it’s just that it doesn’t appeal to you personally, which you’re entitled to.

I was very moved by his frank admission (and re-enactment) of what he calls his worst sin. I think it’s great role-modeling when a priest humbles himself in front of laity, knowing that the laity always get their sins revealed to priests, but rarely is the self-accusation two-way. I understand he’s not for everybody with his strong personality, but to imply that he is not Christ-like is going too far, i.m.o.


Maybe I am wound a bit tighter than the next gal. :o:blush:

Sorry bout that.

Just thought it odd he said that.


If you don’t like his style, you might like Fr Cedric Pisegna…he has a website…He has a very gentle style…


Hey, no problem, SJ


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