Fr. Maximos Davies on Theology of the Body

I was wondering if anyone knew of a recording or if there is a copy of the presentation (s) that Father Maximos Davies from Holy Resurrection Monastery gave called “Theologies of the Body: A Patristic Look at the Thought of John Paul II”. The topic of humane vitae and theology of the body have come up before in regards to how it should be received or viewed by the byzantine and oriental east and this sounds like it deals with that directly. Thanks!

I’m told that St Andrew’s Abbey did a recording of these talks, but that they are not available yet. You may want to ask Fr Maximos directly …

Thanks. I asked Fr. Maximos personally, and he said currently its in the form of notes, but that after things get settled after their move, he was gonna work on putting it together into the form of an essay and then post it on their blog.

Please post when/if you hear he’s done so. I’ll be very interested.
My favorite of Fr. Loya’s TOB teachings is the one he did with EC clergy at their retreat in FL. Wish I owned it. The Diocese of Oakland let me borrow it a couple years ago.

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