Fr. McAlear Masses

I was thinking about going to his mass for my own healing. Have anyone of you been to one of his masses and is he credible as a healer?

Hi Godsavesall:

Yes I went to to one of his Masses 1 1/2 years ago. It was an extremely well-attended weekday evening Mass and it was reverent. He did the healing aspect afterward. My impression was that he is authentic, although I didn’t go for healing for physical healing . I went for emotional healing after a divorce ( of which the healing has happened in the normal slow way.) I don’t know if other people were healed or not.

One thing that happened quite a bit was “slaying in the Spirit”. I was doubtful at first, but my friend, a very devout Catholic, was slain in the Spirit. She didn’t believe in it until it happened to her. She said Fr. McAlear did not push her. She felt herself drawn down to the floor and and she experienced an indescribable peace.

I am curious about your name “Godsavesall”. Theologically speaking, God doesn’t save all, only those who repent and live in obedience to Him. BUT, He did REDEEM all. Some people accept this redemption, others don’t.

Thanks for you input, janine. Did you get the healing you asked for? My user name is “GodSavesAll” because I’m a unversialist, but that’s a WHOLE different topic.:wink:

Has anybody else attended his mass and/or experince or witness a healing from Fr. McAlear?

Yep I have several times. He comes to my parish every year. There were a few years when I needed emotional healing a bit more.

At the time, I had also taken my young sons because they needed emotional healing as well. I had never seen anyone slain in the Spirit and did not believe. But when he placed his hands ever so gently on my and my children, we crumbled. Cant explain it - ever so peaceful. Like a peaceful wave. You cannot move until the wave has passed but you do not want to .

Was he an instrument of healing? Not sure. For a few days I felt at complete ease and at peace. I was able to move on from the emotional state I was in over time and progress in my spiritual journey.

Is that healing? Yes.
Did he make the lame walk? No. Depends on what you are in need of and what you are looking for I guess.

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