Fr Michael Pfleger arrested

Fr Michael Pfleger, Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition have been at it again, and now the two of them ended up in jail. Sounds to me like the good Fr is creating a hostile situation and is clearly fanning the flames.

This is the 3rd week in a row that Fr Pfleger and Jesse Jackson have held publicity stunt demonstrations at Chuck’s Gun Shop. It should be noted that the BATF and other agencies have not even accused Chuck’s Gun shop of anything!

In one of the dozen or so news reports I saw that Jesse Jackson stated about the gun store owner: “He was inviting violence” But it seems to me that if you lead marches against this store, and you do it week after week after week, then you, the leaders of the march, are the ones inviting the violence.

Their issues are pretty much bogus anyway, Illinois has very strict gun laws, and according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence, Illinois has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Even to shop for a gun you must have an Illinois Firearms Owners I.D. card before you are allowed to do anything, those take roughly a month to get, and they include background checks. Then they have additional waiting periods after that. And many cities have handgun bans. Seems that by harassing the few legal gun stores who cater to police and honest citizens they are missing the point that guns are coming into Illinois illegally. So they make their headlines and get more laws enacted that restrict law abiding citizens but do nothing to address the issues the pretend to care about.

The Chicago Sun Times reports:[INDENT]Pfleger arrested in protest outside gun shop
June 24, 2007
By MONIFA THOMAS Staff Reporter
An anti-gun rally ended Saturday with the arrests of the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Michael Pfleger outside Chuck’s Gun Shop in south suburban Riverdale.

Jackson and Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina parish, were each charged with one count of criminal trespass to property after they were arrested while leading their third protest at the store. They were later released.

Jackson said store owner John Riggio pushed him after he and Pfleger turned down Riggio’s invitation to enter the gun shop alone. They declined, Jackson said, because the store was filled with Riggio’s “hostile” supporters.

But Riggio said he didn’t push Jackson, whom he accused of orchestrating the arrests to grab headlines. “He bumped into me, and I bumped back into him,” Riggio said.

'Going to come back’
Riverdale Police said they arrested Pfleger and Jackson because the protesters wouldn’t stop blocking the entrance to the store. Police would not address Jackson’s assault claim.

Earlier this month, Pfleger drew heat from Cardinal Francis George for saying he was going to “snuff out” Riggio.

[/INDENT]Here is the story in the NY Daily News, so it is apparently well beyond a local story in Chicago:[INDENT]** Jesse’s ‘bogus’ gun-shop bust **

                                        BY BILL HUTCHINSON

Saturday, June 23rd 2007, 12:00 AMA heated confrontation at a gun-store protest in Illinois left the Rev. Jesse Jackson in handcuffs but saying the shop owner attacked him.

The civil rights leader called the trespassing charges against him “bogus” and accused cops of taking the side of the gun dealer who assaulted him.

“He [the gun shop owner] literally had us arrested,” Jackson, 65, told the Daily News after he was released on his own recognizance.
The angry encounter occurred outside Chuck’s Gun Shop, believed to be the state’s largest gun dealer, in the Chicago suburb of Riverdale.

Jackson contends the shop provides gang members and other criminals in nearby South Chicago with easy access to weapons.

He and the Rev. Michael Pfleger, a Chicago Catholic priest and an outspoken advocate of gun control, were arrested after leading a group of protesters to the gun store for the third time this month. The ministers say they were standing on the sidewalk in front of the store when John Riggio stormed out and confronted them.

“He pushed me,” Jackson said. “I said, ‘You don’t have to push me.’ He was provoking me, but I wouldn’t do it.”

Jackson said the encounter was videotaped, but police refused to hear his side of the story even after viewing the footage.

Riggio told cops Jackson and the protesters were blocking the entrance to his store and demanded they be arrested for refusing to leave, police said.


The protest at Chuck’s Gun Shop is slated to continue.

“We intend to escalate our struggle,” Jackson said. “We intend to come back on Friday.”

Here is a little more information on the pushing incident. I expect this may not be the last we hear of it.

During the confrontation in front of the gun store, Jackson and Riggio said there was physical contact between them. Jackson said Riggio pushed him. Riggio said that Jackson bumped him first, but that he didn’t remember exactly what happened.

Video footage captured by CLTV shows Jackson and Riggio standing close together in front of the entrance. Though the video obscures their contact, Jackson says after moving backward, “You really shouldn’t push me.”

Riggio responds, “You really shouldn’t block the doorway, either.”

Shortly thereafter, police handcuff Jackson and Pfleger and lead them to a police wagon.

“He was inviting violence,” Jackson said. “He should have been arrested.”

Jackson attempted to press battery charges against the owner after the Riverdale police chief reviewed the CLTV video of the incident. The department declined to arrest Riggio, but took statements from Jackson, Pfleger and witnesses from their entourage.,1,155303.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

I guess standing up to Jackson is “assault”. :rolleyes:

Of course, strong arm tactics by Jackson is nothing new. It has been well documented. Much of it is in the book Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson by Kenneth R. Timmerman

As for Fr. Pfleger, I think it is about time he is dealt with by the Arch-diocese.

This is really trying to my soul. I seem to get my back up when Jessie Jackson, Al Franklin, etc. are doing their “rallys”. I know I need to look at the issue but, my dislike of their theatrics clouds the issue. It is like I am being accused of racism everytime they open their mouths. They are my judge, jury and excution. I didn’t do the crime but I am guilty anyway.
Like I said, this tries my soul.
I am a hunter, gun-owner, but I try, most of all, to be a Christian. I don’t understand why I can’t be both.
Is Fr Pfleger using the Church in this disagreement with the gun shop? What does the Church say now? There are other, maybe not as easy or attention grabbing, of addressing the issue of guns on the street. Following Jessie does not show priests in a good light and could damage the credibility of the priesthood.

See how churned up I get just because Jessie, Al, etc. are in the news.

Yes, Fr Pfleger is using his parish to push a strongly anti-gun policy. If you go to the St Sabina’s webpages, there is a LOT of space devoted to his anti-gun agenda. In fact some pages are basically just anti-gun tirades.

The Archdiocese of Chicago will likely say NOTHING. Chicago is a very liberal city, very anti-gun. Illinois is known for being very unfriendly to gun owners. The Diocese of Joliet, which neighbors the Chicago Archdiocese openly is anti-gun and the Bishop’s newspaper carries anti-gun articles that ONLY source information from the Brady Campaign to ban guns.

As far as “the Church” and its position on guns, it is clear to me that the Catholic Church is not a strong supporter of gun rights, but the Church does recognize gun rights and the right to self defense. The church, or at least the USCCB, have issued calls for “reasonable” gun controls but also suggest that US laws must be followed. The Vatican seems to take a similar approach, guns are allowed, but ‘reasonable’ restrictions are also supported. It is unclear what is a “reasonable” restriction and even within the Church there is plenty of disagreement that ranges from complete gun bans to strong support of carrying guns!

The strongest support for gun rights comes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church which very clearly affirms the right to self defense. Further it states that self defense is a grave duty specifically allowing you to kill an attacker. The Catechism specifically addresses guns and allows that individuals responsible for protecting others are specifically authorized to use guns. It is unclear to me who is a responsible, many suggest that parents are responsible for families, etc. There is plenty of evidence to suggest this is a reasonable interpretation.

I don’t think it will ever happen:(
Sad isn’t it:( :confused:

Agreed! The Cardinal has lost control of this priest and seemingly refuses to deal with him on several issues.

Father Pfleger has now protested at this gun store 3 times with Rev. Jackson and has vowed to come back again Friday. He has also vowed to continue to return again and again. He and Rev. Jackson are clearly inciting/escalating the level of animosity and I think if they continue then someone, on one side or the other, is going to lose control and resort to violence. It would be tragic if it comes to that, but clearly the fault will lie squarely with Fr Pfleger and Rev Jackson if violence ultimately occurs.

This all is a fantastic circus. You couldn’t pay for better entertainment. And here we get to watch it unfold for free!

We do have our share of crazies in Chicago. As far as it being all liberal- well that is overstated. It is the majority liberal though.

All everyone is looking for here is attention and promotion of their own positions. My recommendation would, therefore, be to either ignore them or sit back, laugh at the scherade, and enjoy the show.

I went to the Archdiocese site and there is not one word about this. Last week there was a statement about Fr. Pfleger. I wonder what is up?

Yes, I do miss Chicago politics. It certainly never was dull.

I wish I had the time or I wish that our priest had the time to spend on an issue like Fr. Pfleger must have. Our priest has 3 parishes(small ones yes) to take care of. He always seems to be busy. Usually doesn’t have time to address an issue like this much less spend time being arrested 3 times. Maybe Fr. Pfleger needs to be sent to a parish like ours and get some distance from the intense “Chicago” scene. I know that our priest was sent to us by the bishop and the last thing he wanted was to be a parish priest. He was very scholarly. He was sent for 6 years and then reuped for 6 more. He is clear on the growth this has done for him. Maybe the same could happen to Fr. Pfleger if the Arch Bishop would do the same.

Hello Chicago mon ami , I understand what you are saying …sorry, but I can’t agree…to ignore them and laugh, no…

Fr P goes from one thing to another becoming outraged …too bad he has become unreasonable. He is very much like J. Jackson.:rolleyes:

:extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

It’s a shame the good Father isn’t assigned to the Peoria Diocese. I am sure Bishop Jenky would be happy to deal with him.

Crucify Him! Crucify Him!
Rev. Jackson and Father Pfleger Speak About Arrest

The Two Have Received Death Threats, But Will Continue Their Mission to Change Gun Laws (CBS) CHICAGO

Following the violent deaths of 33 Chicago Public School children this year, the religious leaders are on a mission to change gun laws in Illinois and nationwide – among their goals, to resurrect the expired federal ban on assault weapons.

For the past two weekend, Jackson and Pfleger staged protests at the store without incident.

Why are we going to Chuck’s Gun Shop?” asked Pfleger, St. Sabina pastor. “Because Chuck’s Gun Shop is a place where more guns are being sold from than any place else in the state.”

Myself I am more concerned about this >>>>
Chicago Shows Its Pride At Gay Pride Parade

Organizers Say There Were 450,000+ In Attendance [size=1](CBS)[/size] CHICAGO

The parade celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from all walks of life – from the Chicago Police force to the military and to elected office.

Culture of Death is having a field day in Chicago - while everybody’s eyes on thier toys.:shrug:

I appoligize for ruining your fun:blush: I’m not being very charitable.

You are totally correct that the Culture of Death is alive and well in Chicago; but honest gun owners are not part of that culture. In fact gun owners tend to be both better educated and have higher incomes than non-owners.

The reality is the Culture of Death is a gang/crime issue that is closely related to the breakdown of the family structure, which is closely related to the sexual revolution/abortion and the objectification of women.

It is amazing how misguided Fr Pfleger and Rev Jackson really are. In your quotes above you omitted some additional information:

[quote=CBS]Jackson and Pfleger said they will keep up the fight against people who illegally carry guns into the city from the nine gun stores that border Chicago and they challenge police to join them.

“If you can have surveillance on firecracker shops, why can’t you have surveillance on gun shops?” Jackson said.

Interestingly they are claiming to fight ILLEGAL guns by going to a LEGAL gun store? In fact they are going to a gun store that, according to the BATF is complying with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Why not go after the CRIMINALS, and the whole reason they exist?

As for the issue of surveillance on the gun store, honestly I see no reason why a store that is complying with the law would object to additional surveillance if there is suspected criminal activity. But if the surveillance proves to be fruitless then there are no grounds for it to continue and clearly the law would agree with that point.

You think they would actually want to bring MORE attention to the matter?

He’s trying to get people riled up. (As is the gun lobby with their counter efforts). It’s basic publicity and social activism 101. You can either recognize it for what it is and be entertained or allow yourself to get embrolied in the battle and, thus, be a follower in the cause - which is EXACTLY what the sides are trying to rile up and draw you into. So you get to make the call - let them win and control you or stand back and enjoy the show. I choose to do the latter.

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