Fr. Michael Rodrigue

Hello guys, just needed to clarify certain things about Fr. Michael Rodrigue a catholic exorcist who claims to receive apparations from God the father, virgin Mary, jesus, padre pio and so on about the end times. I have some problems with him. He also believes in Medjugorje. Can we believe him?

It’s best not to follow or listen to his teachings until he has approval (at the very minimum) from his Bishop.


His private revelations are not approved by the Church and his bishop has issued a statement saying that the bishop didn’t approve the revelations, a few months ago after Fr Michel had been claiming the bishop approved them.

Because his private revelations are not approved, the material from them can’t be posted or discussed here, per the forum Terms of Service.

I would recommend steering clear of any unapproved private revelations, especially since you seem to be still learning about the faith.

As for “can we believe him”, we are not required to believe any private revelation, regardless of whether it’s approved or not approved.
However, when a private revelation is approved, it is considered “worthy of belief”.
Since Fr. Rodrigue has not received any level of approval, I don’t consider his revelations worthy of belief, and I ignore them.

Edited to add, Medjugorje is also not an approved private revelation, and can’t be discussed here either.


Does Fr. Rodrigue celebrate the TLM?

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Per forum rules, we are not allowed to discuss material from unapproved private revelations, whether it’s a positive or negative discussion.


I would also recommend doing a forum search before posting. We’ve had this conversation in recent weeks.

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