Fr. Mitch and the Friars

Fr. Mitch had on the MFVA friars tonight. Nice to see 2 brothers going to be priests and one brother who wants to stay a brother. They were funny and Fr. Mitch asked them a lot about vows and how they kept them (or planned too)
A caller asked about Fr. Francis…they just said he was in retreat. They also thanked everyone for their prayers. I don’t think (even with the erasing him on the site) they would say he wasn’t welcome back but I did note no one said “we hope to see him return”. I hope for the best (whatever that is)

I’ve thought a lot about Fr. Francis lately. “Life on the Rock” was one of the EWTN programs that really inspired me during my path to conversion. I continue to pray that Fr. Francis can find his way!

Yeah, I was able to watch this episode too, just a while ago.

Yes, I thought it was interesting and honest. The brothers-in-training were funny and didn’t make it seem like it was just fun and games. I thought Fr. Mitch hit on the celibacy quite a bit, but maybe it seemed like that more to me because of Fr. Francis.

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