Fr Mitch Pacwa, I love this guy! clear explan. of Cath. things

#1 and Mitch Pacwa.

This above is a page containing debates and apologetics, these with Father Mitch Pacwa
I found very good. I just love this priest,…even his ways in debating are lovely…


I agree 100%, God Bless, Memaw


Yes. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I really enjoy listening to Father Pacwa.



My very favorite on EWTN!


Here is a list of his speaking engagements. It is 100% worth it to travel to one of them.


He is great. I also recommend Fr Robert Barron.


Even though he explains well, and I can almost get the picture,…
it seems like enormous changes,…,…
…because my Catholic friend explained things to me too, when I asked about them,…
,…but there are so many things,…and so many differences,…and then to be sure
even of what these differences are and if you are understanding them correctly,…

and even though Catholic and Protestant are Christian, for an individ. like me, it is scary
to try to understand everything and even worse to try to make decisions on it,…

I think my Cath. friend thought that because I asked the questions and I could easily understand the bible ‘why’s’ even behind things that he found difficult to fully accept at times,…I could easily understand them,…
even though Cath and Prot are both ‘Christian’ it seems very difficult to
cross from one to the other or back.

After I got a basic understanding of Cath. communion, I even had dreams where I
was drinking blood,…in the dream and I woke up scared,…


It seems like you almost need a miracle to really understand fully the differences,…and then
even then for an independent person who is not a bible scholar, to feel ‘assured’

I was raised hearing about Cath.'s being wrong and all the ways they are,…
and this is ingrained in there,…plus I was told
by P’s that Cath’s lied to them re Cath. ways, so
many P’s are ingrained with these things,…they have roots, with fears,…
…even though I can see some things,…I am not sure if I am seeing right,…

plus there is deception from our spiritual enemy,…not that I am saying Cath. is that, just that it exists, and I know things from my bible between me and God, but
Cath. things are deep and have to be studied and you need scholars and even then
are you hearing the truth from God, or from others.

On one level it is so simple but when it concerns your whole spiritual life, it is number one importance and all the parts of it are vitally important and you need to be very sure.

On one level I think Cath. and me believe the same generally, only I am not practicing
my faith using the same system.

I can’t violate my conscience, and my conscience balks, maybe only because
I have been raised P.??

Its simple, but it also is very complex and it is number one importance.


You are experiencing, of a sort, the discernment process that those called to the priesthood or consecrated religious life must go through. It can be agonizing. Protracted. Yet, the truth is beauty - actually only the truth is beauty. Since you are seeking, God will not deny you the graces to carry you through. Rather, He desires very much to grant them to you.


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