Fr. Mitch Pacwa on CNN

Did anyone else catch Father Mitch Pacwa from EWTN on CNN last night? They were discussing Priestly celibacy in the CC. I thought he did very well responding to the various objections presented by the panel and callers. Anyone else see this? God bless Father Mitch for the great work that he does with EWTN!

I’m sorry I missed this. If there is one person who can clearly explain the Church’s position and defend it, it’s Fr. Pacwa.

What show was it on? Might be a chance to get a podcast of it.

I didn’t see it but it sounds excellent! Praise God that we had Fr. Mitch Pacwa available to answer objections to priestly celibacy! :thumbsup:

Is there a youtube video available of this? I really want to see it. Thanks.

Yeah, let us know what show he was on.

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