Fr. Morris - not as bold as the Muslim who converted to Catholicism

I heard Fr. Jonathon Morris on Fox & Friends yesterday morning and a strange irony struck me. He was talking about how he was on an assignment not related to Fox News. I didn’t catch where, but I believe it was in an Arab nation. He made the comment that he does not feel very comfortable and safe wearing his collar, so he doesn’t wear it in public.

It struck me that the Muslim man who converted to Catholicism and was baptized by Pope Benedict this past Easter Vigil had just finished putting his life, literally on the line, by boldly declaring his Christian / Catholic faith and urging others to do so, also - as our Holy Father has done,too - yet a priest is not willing to do this.

I know there will be lots of replies that this is a hard thing to do and to be honest, I don’t know if I would have the courage this new convert has, but I still find it ironic that these two stories emerged within days of each other.

Pray for our Church and our leaders - and our new converts.

Shalom! I’m more than willing to consider Fr. Morris’ “not wearing the collar” in public in a Muslim country to be a sign of prudence rather than meekness, depending on what he was doing there. As for Magdi Cristiano Allam, he has been under personal guard and living in a secret location with his family for the last 5 years already, after he wrote a series of articles translating what the inmans at a number of Italian mosques were actually saying. Here is an article from an Italian website (in English) that talks about Mr. Allam, has a newspaper article he wrote after his baptism, a reply from one of the Muslim scholars in discussions with the Vatican, and a reply to that reply. A bit long, but very interesting.

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