FR. NICHOLAS GRUNER, suspended priest/cult leader

Here are suggestions as to how to effectively aid friends and family members who have been infected by the virus of dissention.

There is a similar situation over on another BB’s that I belong to. A member there has fallen under the influence of another schismatic group.

We have seen him go further and further down the slippery slope of the groups influence (he even was a seminarian at one point). Trying to explain things to him in a rational manner only brings out a violent reaction from this person (he has implied the threat of a lawsuit a number of times).

In your situation, as in mine, there is not much you can do since you are not in direct contact with the person. All I can say is to continue to present the facts and pray for a conversion of heart for this person.


Uh… since when is Fr. Gruner a cult leader?

[quote=challenger]Uh… since when is Fr. Gruner a cult leader?

More info:

Good links, phil. Thanks.

Nicholas Gruner caused me a lot of spiritual pain about the Church Regarding Mary, Apparations and devotionals and although I don’t put much faith in most or all I have more of an eased mind knowing my judgements were based on the images from a magazine of a radical cult leader. The image of the fatima “Only I can help you.” Haunted me for years. I started my spiritual journey In 06 and I had gotten over zealous with the devotionals and sacrementals. I had requested free holy water from his site and some free scapulars and rosaries. Since then and even today I get copies of the Fatima crusader. When I started back up In 09 I was leading a life of sin and was ina dry spell faith wise with feeling Gods presence in my life. I went through confirmation but missed a lot having to work being unemployed and then finding a job I couldn’t bite the hand that fed me and I missed a lot of my RCIA because they would not work with my schedule. I was confirmed in 10 my name is St michael the archangel. I picked up my cross truly three years ago and the issues I had because of gruner had haunted me up until last night when someone pointed out to me that the fatima crusader was run by a cult leader. So for 7 years I had feelings about the church that were based on lies because of this man.

This is an eight year old thread.


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