Fr. Peter Stravinskas: For Catholics, there's only one choice

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I can see a Catholic crossing party lines to vote for Reagan, but voting for Tricky Dick was morally reprehensible in my book.
Although we knew plenty of fellow parishioners who did.

Fr. S. doesn’t go into detail about his voting choice in 1972. All he says is this: " The first presidential election in which I could vote (as a seminarian of twenty-one) was that of 1972. Looking at the positions of Richard Nixon and George McGovern, I determined that the Democratic platform would lead us into a serious moral downward spiral."

Yes, well we all know where the author and his parents’ big stand for morality ended up. It would appear from how things turned out that the “Serious Moral Downward Spiral” was inevitable regardless of whichever party won.

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