Fr. Robert Faricy


Does anyone know if he has the gift of healing? I was thinking about going to one of his heal masses.


My wife attends Marian conferences in our area and has attened his Mass. Her answer is a definite ...YES!:thumbsup:


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Cheryl Nguyen
Cheryl Nguyen is a consecrated person with three vows of poverty, chasity, and obedience. She has been a research and development engineer working in the media industry. She began working with Fr. Robert Faricy SJ in 2002 giving retreats, speaking at Marian and Charismatic conferences, and praying for healing at healing Masses in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines. In addition, Cheryl does counseling and gives spiritual direction. She lives in Northern California. Fr. Robert Faricy, S.J.
Robert Faricy, S.J. is a Jesuit priest and theologian who is an Emeritus Professor of Spirituality lives at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is an Emeritus Professor of Spirituality of the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Father Faricy has written over thirty books, most translated into several languages, and several hundred articles. He frequently ministers in Italy, the United States, Mexico, Ireland, and other countries, speaking at conferences and conventions and giving talks and retreats. Brief biographies can be found in: Who’s Who in the World; in Contemporary Authors; in The Dictionary of Pentecostalism, and in other reference works.

God loves us, and he leaves us free. He created us free, and even God cannot make us love him. We choose to love him, or not. Love is a choice, whether loving God or the persons in my life here on earth. Lord Jesus, give me the grace to love with an open hand, not possessively, not trying to manipulate the other person, not treating the other as an object but, rather with respect. Teach me to love. Help me to love. To forgive, to overlook, to move on from my hurt and into love. It’s my chlice Lord, but I need your grace, your help. Amen.

Love with an open hand

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The Holy Spirit has the gift of healing. Our faith increased, sin reduced, focus on God improved, surrender increased all contribute to receiving the goodness the Lord always intends for us., including healing. Fr. Faricy helps his brothers & sisters in all these ways plus ministers the sacraments and Mass. Fr. Faricy will take your willingness and lead you to the encounter with God that will change your life. Healing is almost too small a word for what blessings you might realize from the encounter with God facilitated so delightfully by Fr Faricy, and others (Fr Hampshe, McAlear, Michael Berry, Deacon Bill Warren…). Blessings to you!

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