Fr. Sammie Maletta


As election time rears its ugly head around the cornor, My priest has a homily that has run rappid on the internet. I am proud to call him our shepherd!!


His C.V. sure looks fascinating. Is there a print copy of the homily available that you know of? Thanks for the post!:thumbsup:

I will check for you. My Sciatica is bothering me right now. I want to go to bed. I will get it to you tomorrow. I have more homilies if you are interested. He is so nice. We love him. I feel so blessed to have a Priest in all my years move me like he does. My husband and I are so much closer because of him. He has made our Church a Marriage building church and the Children at the school have to start learning the Bible, prayers and the Catholic Catholicism in 1st grade. These times are tough. I want my children to know when I die that their home is the Catholic Church, no matter WHAT!! :thumbsup:

This website claims to have the transcript of his Feb 5th homily

Thank you.:slight_smile:


Thank so much dale for doing that for me. That was really nice of you. :wave:

Oh my gosh, you two are most welcome. :blush:

Helping one another is what we do here! :slight_smile:

(When we aren’t squabbling. :smiley: )

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