Fr. Scheier and the Fig tree (from EWTN)

I saw the original show and this was copied on another site. Interesting show and makes you think about “excuses” when we sin. Any thoughts?

I have a tape of his experience which I was given a few years ago. What sticks in my mind is how he says no one and no thing is worth going to Hell for all eternity.

I try to tell my kids that when they die they will be where they are meant to be, where they have chosen by their actions, and they will know it is the right place for them to be, for all eternity. So they had better make the right choices.

I just had a similiar discussion with my son (who is a college freshman) the other day. He’s a good kid, but I told him, you will be alone before God, just you, no excuses, friends, etc. That line from Mother Angelica always stayed with me. You can only pray it does with others too.

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