Fr. Stan Fortuna, the rapping priest

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him, but I thought I should share this.

He is a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (same order as Fr. Benedict Groeschel) and he is also a rapper. Here are a couple of his songs:

“School of the Eucharist”-

“Everybody got 2 suffer”-

What do you think?

God bless.

I LOVE him. I have several CDs of his. I discovered him a few years back when he was on EWTN’s Life on the Rock. He’s amazing.

The second one isn’t that great, but I like the first. It drives me crazy that while I like rap as a musical style, the lyrics are usually despicable. I would also recommend Lecrae and Flame, although some of their stuff gets pretty heavily evangelical (Flame has a song named “Sola Scriptura”). The world needs more catholic rappers.

I listen to all kinds of music, from rock to classical to rap (well, some rap, anyhow…) I favor alternative rock, though. My kid is NOT into rap at all. He was at one time…I asked him what he thought of the songs, he thought meh.

I like the second one “Everybody got 2 suffer”.

I can’t really get into the first one…the beat’s a bit off or something-…'course it’s probably just me. I am an old lady, after all…:smiley:
I am trying to understand the lyrics…playing it again…I like the lyrics…the beat’s a bit off…or something…

Is this priest selling his music…for the parish or something? Curious.

While I’m not a fan of the “music” ;), I admire that he’s found a way to bring together two of his great loves (his genre of music and the Faith).

All procedes go to his work with the poor. His order does a lot of work with the poor, so he uses the sales to help with that ministry.

I met Fr. Fortuna when I was visiting EWTN in 2005. He preached at the morning Mass in the chapel at the studios. Very intense preacher-a kind of ‘controlled intensity’. He spoke of John Paul II-this was a month after his death-and always called him ‘The Great One’.

I talked to him in the gift shop at EWTN after the Mass-it was just before I was leaving for the airport to go home. He was very nice. Then, when I was at the terminal waiting out a storm to board my flight (just like the one I heard on today’s Professions Mass :eek:), guess who was in the same boarding line as me? Father Fortuna! :smiley: I talked with him briefly before we got on the plane. I asked him if he had been to Assisi, Italy (I’ve been there four times), and he said yes he was, after doing a concert in London. He was going to stay in Rome and visit ‘The Great One’s’ tomb while there. Unfortunately, we weren’t going to be sitting together on the plane; but I think I said goodbye to him when I disembarked in North Carolina (he was going on to New York City).

He was pretty cool…I have one of his CDs, though rap is not a favorite musical genre of mine.

Yeah I “know” him.
Most say don’t like all of his raps, but maybe that’s because I’m not so much into rap music.
But I do like everybody got 2 suffer. And another one where he sings about abortion, forgot what the title was.
But more then his music I liked the podcast things he had on his website, to bad he stopped making those, cause he’s a good speaker as well!!

By the way, he does have other music genres on his CDs. I have one that is just hymns, no rap.

Oh, I see. I figured he’d be doing something like that.
I do like that one song…and I thank you for sharing.

Honestly, that is really awesome. I really do appreciate the creativity, and that he gives all of the money he makes to the poor. Plus, he’s not bad at it, either.

I got to meet Fr. Fortuna at a Steubenville West youth conference in Tucson, Az. 2009. He rapped for us there and realllllllly hit home with the teens there. Being the youth minister I am…I really saw the power and positive approach this had with the teens to be able to reach them on their own level. If you truly think about it…how much are teens going to their priests and just talking to them completely openly as their teachers and fathers? They aren’t as much as they should and this priest is coming to them to get them to understand that even priests understand where they are coming from and where they have been. It really is a valuable tool for him to be able to rap and talk to them, maybe even get them to open up.

I have to tell you…there is a true presence about this man also. Like he has a very strong divine connection with God. I really didn’t know what to say to him when I came by him…except that he had really touch alot of the teens I had brought to that conference and I thanked him very much. I asked to give him a hug. That is how much his talks, rapping, singing can bring out of a person and more. He gave me (a stranger yet sister in Christ) the hug…just because I asked for it. I know I will never forget him…even if I am just a blip on his journey. Hopefully his ministry of rap, singing, and talks touch and connect with so many other young and old people alike! Whether you like rap or not…(which I don’t…) trust me when I tell you his words ring true!

God Bless!

P.s. If you haven’t listened to his 10 points on “Why people suffer”…you should really look it up and listen to them all carefully. I have learned so much from Him that I am going to take back to the teens I minister too and hopefully his ministry will flourish again in them.

God Bless,

Fr Fortuna is AMAZING!! I met him this Summer in June 2010 in London at the Spirit in the city catholic festival. He was just amazing! And he is so humble! It’s fantastic how he just speaks the language of the youth - this IS just what the youth needs today! He is very approachable, very down-to-earth but at the same time very strict with the catholic faith which is so important!

i have a great deal of affection for Father Stan. my parents used to play his music tapes in the car when i was a little kid, single digits (i’m 29 now).

this is back when he was known as Brother Stanley.

he is such a beautiful singer and musician, i’m glad he’s found yet another passion that brings him joy (rapping), but i’m sad that the rapping reputation has overshadowed all of his other wonderful musical gifts and offerings.

Fr. Stan Fortuna with Jrem :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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