Fr. Suarez banned from Philipines

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Fr. Suarez but he is a charismatic type Priest with some pretty credible reports of miracles and a very interesting story himself.

The Bishop’s attitude bothers me. He also said that no saints have ever raised anyone from the dead, which is untrue, see the Book of Acts for example- St. Paul did (the child that fell out the window). Also, there are more and less credible stories of saints throughout history doing the same.

Does anyone have more information on this development or the character of either Fr. Suarez or Bishop Cruz?

Being a Christian and baptized in the Holy Roman Catholic Church, i’m suprised why those concerned Bishop(s) banned our healing Priest Fr. Suarez to bring the good news of healing to all loving faithful Filipinos.

Jesus is the great healer and His mighty power always available and visible upon us, but i don’t understand why some of our annointed spiritual leaders repused to accept this healing power from concerned annointed Priest.

We need to ask the Holy See to correct this misleading decision of some of our Bishops not to let Fr. Suarez performing his calling to heal the sick.

Let the Holy Spirit freely moving in our midst and our lives. No man can stop us to practice our calling to propagate the Good News and Annointing of the sick!

Father Suarez was leading a prayer group here in Toronto at Saint Timothy’s Catholic Church (a couple of years ago) but it was shut down and Father Suarez was posted someplace outside of Canada.
Father William Comerford is the Charismatic liaison for the Toronto Diocese and is under the authority of Archbishop Ambrozic.

was he promoting “Holy Rolling?”

Do you know why it was shut down?

So what the heck is the problem:confused:??? I don’t see him being any different than Sr. Briege McKenna, they both have the gift of healing:shrug:. Who’s actually his “boss,” you know what diocese does he belong to?

What is that:confused:???

The official reason :nope: !

I am a charismatic myslelf, but for him to go into a diocese and offer mass without the bishop’s permission is a serious offense. I can understand why a bishop wouldn’t want a disobedient priest to come from outside into his diocese.

Irregardless of the miracles, obedience to the bishop is of utmost importance. All through out St. Faustina’s diary Jesus is constantly telling her to be obedient to her confessor, be obedient and do every thing he says to the last detail. Later in the book he reveals that it is Him speaking through the confessors and guiding her.

The Bishop might know things we do not, he might have a funky vibe, you know? He is tasked with protecting his flock, and under his nose a priest not from his territory snuck in and caused a ruckus among the sheep. OP, It would be wise to reflect why the bishop’s decision raises up feelings of anger towards the Church of Jesus Christ.

Is this
the raising back to life? It seems a little dubious to me.

I don’t want to sound negative here, but we always must hold firm to the deposit of the faith contained in Scripture, and the magisterium. Those are 100% guaranteed from Jesus.

In all cases of healing, it is the faith in God that allows healing to take place. Jesus Christ heals. Compared to those who had the gift of healing, this seems all rather sensational. I agree with the bishop to be wary of this sort of thing for just a little while. For those that are angry at me right now, first ask yourself why, and second remember that even Padre Pio went through this sort of ordeal.

If it is His will then so it will be done,


If I remember correctly what I’ve heard and read, didn’t they keep Padre Pio away from the public for awhile so that he wouldn’t heal as a test of his obedience. And wasn’t part of the reasoning for this to assure that his power was truly divine.

Yes exactly. I’ve read a couple of times from different sources that the general rule of thumb judging the miraculous is by watching the obedience to the Church and to the local bishop.

After reading some about this, I’m a little uneasy. Is this priest saying that the merchandise he is selling contains the healing properties? Because, all healing is from the Lord to say an object can heal because of its own properties is false. Also he seems to have obedience issues. Perhaps the church should sit on him awhile and check him out thoroughly before exposing the faithful to him further.

No, they kept Pio away from the public because the local secular clergy felt he was stealing their business, and secondly, his supernatural gifts were beginning to convince people that the supernatural existed, which some of the Modernist (heretical) Vatican hierarchy had a problem with.

Perhaps this was the underlying reason and the test of obedience was the excuse, but I do recall hearing on an EWTN program that they were testing his obedience and that this is one of the benchmarks they use to ensure powers are divine in origin.

no, from what I’ve heard, the rosaries and religious items are simply handmade crafts by the poor as a way in which they contribute to the apostolate (my mom got me one). Though, some Filipinos can be superstitious at times (I should know, because I’m Filipino :stuck_out_tongue: ), so it could just be one of those things that someone starts and rumors go flying and such. Lastly, they released a statement on their website ( that provides their take on the healing ministry. Apparently, it seems there was some miscommunication, and the organization was under the impression that the local organizers had obtained permission.

Overall, it just sounds like something that got overblown :stuck_out_tongue:

well, Fr. Suarez is going to be giving talks and a healing mass at our church in San Pedro this Lent, I’ll let anyone know what my impressions are if they care…

Thanks for the information. If that is correct that it is the way the poor contribute to the apostolate then, I see it as a good thing as long as it is recognized that any healing powers come from the Lord and not from Fr. Suarez or the objects themselves. And I definitely know about the superstitions, I am engaged to a Filipina and spend my R&Rs there. I also know how fast rumours spread through the barangays :wink:

Also, I hope that Fr Suarez is the real deal. The world needs to hear to hear the message of healing and see the miraculous these days. My doubt is only a sincere desire to play it safe in not exposing the poor and desparate to a false prophet. It would be best if he was checked out by the Vatican, though, in my opinion.

I would very much like to hear someone’s first hand impressions of this man and his message. Salamat Po.

There’s something about the whole thing that worries me.


In fairness, the article (somewhere in the middle) does mention Father doesn’t know about that particular prophecy. If I remember correctly, I first heard about it in one of our local Philippine newspapers but it sounded more of a commentary rather than an actual affiliation. In other words, some people may be trying to make the connection artificially. I am aware of the fact that Medjugorje has been condemned.

If Father Suarez’s gift truly comes from God, then some
"thing" may be behind this trying to foul it up by connecting it with Medjugorje.

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