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Not exactly sure where this should go but here it is.

I teach a bible study and lead a group of college students. A couple of them were approached by a Priest/friend of theirs, requesting that they come learn from Fr. Tom DiLorenzo and help with his. One of them asked my opinon on him and whether I thought it was a good idea.

I know of him but don’t know much about him. I know he is charismatic (not my style, but fine if thats your thing and its reverent), and leads healing services. I have read of him being at odds with Cardinal O’Malley on some issues, and he seems to be disobediant at times, but also a very strong fighter for the santity of life.

So is he a rogue Priest, a convicted Priest holding strong to truth, a somewhat misguided but charismatic leader? I don’t want to start anything, and I am listening to his talks so I can form an opinion, but I owe a response to these kids and want as much information as I can gather.

Sounds like he’s over zealous in his approach on matters.

Anyone who has a problem with Cardinal O’Malley, would be suspect in my opinion.

Cardinal O’Malley is the epitome of humility and patience.

Anyway, rather than judge him unfairly, perhaps attending one of his Bible Studies would be helpful.



I am planning on going to some of his talks and am holding off judgement, I am just reaching out to all my resources to gather as much information as I can.

I have known Fr. Tom for 15 years and have never known of a single instance of disobedience. He has done plenty of things that ended with the Bishop asking him to stop (e.g. picketing the Mayor’s office for his pro-abortion position while claiming to be a ‘faithful’ Catholic), but always obediently complied with the Bishop’s requests.

The problem is that Fr. Tom preaches Jesus and Jesus crucified. Hmmm… sounds like St. Paul. This is going to get you in trouble every time you are in an environment full of heretics and cowards.

Wow … Jim … what you don’t know about the operations of the Archdiocese of Boston is a lot. Cardinal O’Malley should have never ‘canonized’ Kennedy at his funeral. In fact, under Canon law there are good arguments that he shouldn’t have received a Catholic funeral. Your statements against Fr. Tom DiLorenzo are groundless and made out of ignorance (no offense intended).

Now, you stop your slander against His Eminence. He sat in choir at Kennedy’s funeral and that was all.

I have never heard of him, but attending his talks sounds like a good idea. I was part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal at one time, and heard Father DiOrio

You might also want to pray to the Holy Spirit to help you discern.

Nonsense. His Eminence’s presence was the cause of grave scandal. He should NEVER have attended. He knew better.

Watch and learn. … Particular attention to 2:00. Actually watch the entire video carefully. But with this said, we need to pray more for him and all our Bishops and Priests.

Of course, but his mere presence should not be the topic of anger or any disrespect. Move on.

EDIT: Also, while I usually agree with Voris in most of his videos, he is completely off base in this video, and lacks any substantial knowledge in such a case. Boston is not shrinking, it’s growing. The College Seminary is having to turn lads away due to lack of space.

No anger … just a little sarcasm . … very little. His presence was the cause of great scandal and lead thousands astray. Not a small thing.

Check out Bishop Gracida’s blog regarding Boston (and His Eminence) …
Massachusetts only has small pockets of orthodoxy. Take a trip to Holy Rosary in Winthrop and listen to Fr. Tom DiLorenzo. There is a reason there have been a couple of Eucharistic miracles at his Parish. He is totally in love with Jesus and ready to die for him. If only 25% of Priests and Bishops were like him, this would be a totally different country.

I will not venture to Winthrop. I am fine with my own little corner of Orthodoxy on the North Shore.

As far as Bishop Gracida’s blog, I don’t find it terribly credible. His Excellency notes: “this blog was created for the main purpose of exposing the moral and financial corruption and deception in the Boston Archdiocese, in the hopes that perhaps through public exposure of the problems, we could help bring the Catholic Church in Boston back on the right track.” Treating His Eminence, Sean Cardinal O’Malley like some nitwit who can’t govern will not help the Church in Boston. His Excellency is off mark, and I suspect there may be another motive behind His Excellency’s blog being so vehement and venomous towards Cardinal O’Malley. I reject it, for I highly doubt he knows that he is talking about as far as the “bureaucratic diocesan hierarchy and organization”. I find it teacherous, and frankly, unbecoming.

Bishop Gracida knows exactly what he is talking about as far as the “bureaucratic diocesan hierarchy and organization”. Think for a moment. How couldn’t he? … having been the Bishop of few Dioceses and having started one as well. You think he doesn’t know the inner-workings of a Diocese?

Nothing in his statements indicates personal attacks against the Cardinal. However, it doesn’t take much intelligence to determine that a leader who surrounds himself by those opposed to their mission is a poor leader. So if that is what one understands from anyone’s assessment of the MESS (and it’s a big one) in Boston, it’s not hard to see how they arrive at that conclusion.

Knowing Bishop Gracida to the degree I do, I can say his motivation is his love for the Church. Open your eyes to the reality of the Church around you. This article should help you …

You would do well to visit Holy Rosary listen to Fr. Tom. Consider taking your own advice.

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