Fr. Vincent Serpa

I wonder if he would offer a TLM Mass if it were permitted. Along with Fr Mitch Patcwa. I wonder what their thoughts are on this issue?.

Isn’t Fr. Patcwa Maronite?

Fr. Mitch Pacwa is SJ

What is SJ?

Society of Jesus. His is a Jesuit priest.

can we use “Jesuit” and “Tridentine Rite Latin Mass” in the same sentence?

I think, i’ve seen him say the Novus Ordo on EWTN. Maybe he has permission to use the Latin Rite as well.

The best way to find out would be to ask them. You can PM Fr. Serpa thru the forums. He says Mass daily for us at the CA Offices.

He’s bi-ritual.

What does bi-ritual mean?

Has facilities in 2 rites, for example, the Latin (Roman) rite and the Byzantine Rite.

You should ask him as well. Since you see him every week. I would be curious to hear his answer to you. I did send him a PM as well. :thumbsup:

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